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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Justice is the responsibility of every Citizen

Just for the record: Whether you are a clerk in an office or a guide for the revenuer man, whether private sector or government, and part of your job entails the facilitation, in any manner, the work of the Enemies of Liberty, you are equally guilty. If you work in any capacity to aid, in any way, shape or form, the work of Tyrants, you are equally guilty. If you are the spouse of a Traitor and enjoy the fruits of his or her treason, you are equally guilty.

You are a combatant.

You have earned a place in the Target Matrix.

Whine to someone who gives a damn.

I do not.

You have been warned.

Here's an example of Citizenship from Rich T. After Action Assessment: They should've bonked the wife a bit harder.


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  1. Lol. Well, I am learning my lessons K, cause I thought of you and what you have said when I read those last two sentences.

    Miss Violet


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