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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

PJB on Roberts

Mister Buchanan takes a look into the motive of John Roberts and comes to a singular conclusion: John Roberts sold out to be liked by the Left.

If he is correct, then there is zero political gain in the decision for the future, for it telegraphs that if, indeed, the Court is ever offered a softball case to restrict the taxation power or the scope of General Welfare, the decision will be the same.

If he is correct, then every R Voter you meet who claims you must vote for Romney so that President Obama will denied the chance to add another Tyrany to SCOTUS, you can simply point to John Roberts, appointed by W.

Any slick political maneuvers aside, the Court is simply a part of the Federalist Machine.

If Mister Buchanan is correct and John Roberts did what he did for Vanity, it will stand as perhaps the most obvious, self-serving political act I have seen in my lifetime.

I have learned that when my view strays from that of Pat Buchanan, even if we agree on 90% of the issue, I need to check myself and examine my position on the remaining 10%. I usually mend my position after reflection, though not always.

If Mister Buchanan is correct, and John Roberts so brazenly and blatantly played to the power of Washington for a better station on the cocktail circuit, I may even have to revisit a few of my more fundamental positions.

Here's the column.



  1. In all cases now, before any court, involving matters affecting government power relative to citizen’s freedoms, all instances of semantics and definitions are interpreted in the government’s favor. There are NO exceptions to this rule that I have seen in the last 40 or more years.

    Whether it is characterized as a tax or a penalty is irrelevant – much like a peal-and-stick label on a can; you can label a can of peas as “corn”, but it’s still really a can of peas. We will still feel the administrative burden, still face the financial bite of the huge additional cost, and we’ll witness the further decline of the American economy as business’s do what businesses do in times of uncertainty: they hunker down and put hiring and expansion plans on hold. Just what we DON’T need in this already battered economy! (Producing uncertainty is the ONLY thing that government does really well)

    The party of the dead elephant has squandered every opportunity they’ve had to rein in the beast of government. These days it makes little difference what party rules over us, the result is the same year after year: Leviathan feeds on We The People – and grows, and grows, and grows.

    In short - I place NO FAITH in any party or any politician to fix this. The blame for it all, and the solution to it all, is to be found in the American people. We’ve lacked the will to water the tree of liberty (see Jefferson), and allowed the servants to become the masters. What OUGHT to happen is for the citizenry decorate the light poles of the nation with every politician, bureaucrat, judge and official that has dishonored their oath to the constitution. Instead, the American people will continue to busy themselves with football, TV, electronic gadgetry, and celebrity worship. The FSA will continue to enjoy new recruits as the Republic swirls in the bowl!

    1. GunRights4us,

      Three years ago I was in Federal Court on a 1st Amendment lawsuit against Erie County government, PA. I won a jury verdict of 8-0, in my favor, AGAINST county. gov. The Federal judge Sean McLaighlin overturned the jury verdict on appeal ! Third Circuit concurred with scumbag McLaughlin.

      You're correct....the courts are NOT there to protect Freedom. They are there to promote tyranny and destroy the Constitution.

      DAN III

  2. Well, we have a saying in our family...If someone shows you who they are, believe them.

    Miss Violet

  3. Mr. K,

    Have you had a chance to read PJB's book....Suicide of a Superpower ?

    Buchanan should have been POTUS.


  4. Another take I've read is that Roberts - being Chief Justice, head honcho - did not want "his" Court to suffer the nasty press and condemnation of the Left by deciding against Obamacare. Yes, partly vanity, but in the sense that he didn't want to be made to look like a fool - especially since he probably knew (or was informed) that Obama would simply ignore the Court anyway, if the decision did not go his way.

    Roberts has betrayed the Constitution, his oath of office, and the citizens of this country.

  5. Reg T,

    I would suggest that one should not single out Roberts. Is he any more a traitor, a scoundrel, than the other four Marxists who voted to sustain soetoro-obama's attack on the Constitution ? Me thinks not.

    While one may attack Roberts as though he is the singular culprit here, he is not. The other four are just as culpable.


  6. im with danIII it was the whole show not just one actor !


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