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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Question: If Mo's Morons begin to destroy the Pyramids, should we kill them all?

So, Muslims are beginning to call for the destruction of the pyramids and other ancient creations that hold many secrets to our past.

The position of the Muslims is, essentially, anything dating prior to Mo's coming into existence is an insult to Mo.

So, does America unilaterally march into Egypt and prevent the destruction of one of the wonders of the world?

Here's an article on the topic.



  1. The quick answer is HELL NO! The long answer is three-fold:

    1) Why should we spend treasure protecting monuments to ancient tyranny? If they want to ruin their ruins, let them have at it.
    2) Such a show of stupidity should be televised to the world, it just may make those sleep-walking through their lives pay attention to the enormous threat that is Islamism. That includes so-called moderate muslims. At some point, Islamists may go too far and either start a Reformation-type backlash or lose followers by their own extremism.
    3) On a geo-political long war scale, ruining their ruins takes away just about the only reason a sentient being would want to go to Egypt. It is essentially equivalent to burning their own crops. What's the usual rule about what to do when your enemy is committing suicide?
    Of course, by opinion and a quarter is worth a quarter. Less when adjusted for inflation.


  2. I say we stay out of another foreign war as our Founders suggest.

    Let them tear the pyramids to the ground, then we will see how much tolerance there is left for Muslims in the world.

  3. I agree with anon and Bonnie Gadsden.

    Muslims will destroy anything they can't defile first and often. Let the people of that region tend to their problems, if we're lucky they'll kill each other off, or at least thin them out, because you know we'll be fighting them here, sooner or later.

    Miss Violet

  4. Wait one....isn't this the bunch we just installed over there?

  5. As the first two commenters stated, it's really none of our business what happens internally in Egypt.

    Now....if a group of them within the boundaries of these united States wants to, say, demolish Monticello, for example, well, as they said in the 'Wizard of Oz', "Now that's a horse of a different color!"

  6. Just take a look at the Club of Rome Map. Notice region 7? Looking familiar? Courtesy of your very own government...


    Anyone remember The Pentagons New Map and the Non-Integrating Gap and the Core?


    Gawd. Look... the NWO order will need 10 regional governors who will answer to the One World Council. You will note that your own country is templated on this very foundation... as there are 10 FEMA/NORTHCOM regions... headed by the DHS... AND... those 10 regions have 10 regional governors... who answer to... the DHS.

    And blah blah blah. This stuff is not hard to figure out.



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