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Wednesday, July 4, 2012


I've had several good tidbits over the last few days, so I am just going to throw a few together in a random post.

The prayer above comes from Smith. I certainly can't argue with it.

A Tea Party Nation link from NC Renegade, discussing TL's recent post, here. Weigh in if the mood moves you. Remember, the III will always be the smallest faction on the field.

We have several Patriots out there Counting Coup. Are you?

Here's a link to a song - check it out.

ACLU is offerin an APP to covertly record interactions with LEO on your SmartPhones, here.

I don't offer much in the way of training on this blog. My specialties lie in CQB, and they don't translate well in blog-ville. But here is one I have not seen other blogs mention: Many Patriots will face, perhaps, a situation while driving when the reds & blues light up behind you at an inappropriate time.

Maybe you've been out counting coup. Maybe you were on a real piece of work. Maybe you are carrying and not in the mood to play. Maybe you are just not in the mood to be pulled over.

Most of you know the routine: Cruiser parks behind suspect vehicle and turns slightly so the front of the Cuiser can provide LEO with a barricade if needed. You may have a single LEO in the car. He may have a partner who comes up the passenger side, or hangs at the rear passenger bumper. Perhaps back-up is already en-route.

Have you trained these scenarios?

You'd better...


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  1. Ordered that shirt the other day, along with a few more in your face non-politically and liberally incorrect shirts. Rangerup.com if you were interested.


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