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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sacred Cows & Gunwalker

Every now and again I like to throw out a tidbit of reality that challenges readers to actually engage in intellectual honesty.

When it comes to the Sacred Cow that is GunWalker, I am never disappointed when my faith that people only see what they want to see is validated. Bill Nye and I have set forth fact after fact that proves GunWalker is not what you have been told. But I have found a tremendous ability for folks to never let facts get in the way of a good hate.

Here's another, just for fun. I don't care if you get all puffy-faced, suck wind, leave and never return (the door is right over there), or otherwise take issue with this reality. I'd rather have three readers who use their brains and have the balls to be intellectually honest, no matter the cost, than 10,000 readers who excel at being non-thinking sycophants. Non-thinkers are walking dead men the moment the world goes hot.

Save your righteous indignation for one dead FedGov LEO and a few (hundred) dead Mexicans. That theatre grows tedious. If you cared as much as you wail, you'd send money to the families of the dead, and you'd have already left the porch.

The cover-up is always more politically damaging than is the crime. I've already covered that aspect of GunWalker - There will be no political loss for any elected or appointed figure in GunWalker, ever. Even when/if anyone leaves Government Service regarding GunWalker, they'll land in the private sector in a very sweet gig.

OK, here's the Inconvenient Fact for today: Katherine Eban at Fortune wrote a piece titled "The Truth about F&F". It was universally slammed by anyone with a vested interest in finding a mass conspiracy at the root of GunWalker.

Here is one very important, indeed the singlemost important tidbit yet revealed about GunWalker for anyone who values Truth above political games: It was the first time Voth learned that Dodson intended to walk guns. Voth says he refused to approve the plan and instead consulted his supervisor, who asked for a proposal from Dodson in writing. Dodson then drafted one, which Voth forwarded to his supervisor, who approved it on May 28.

Dodson is the guy who proposed, and then permitted guns to walk.

Here's a bit more: On June 1, Dodson used $2,500 in ATF funds to purchase six AK Draco pistols from local gun dealers, and gave these to Fernandez, who reimbursed him and gave him $700 for his efforts. Two days later, according to case records, Dodson—who would later testify that in his previous experience, "if even one [gun] got away from us, nobody went home until we found it"—left on a scheduled vacation without interdicting the guns. That day, Voth wrote to remind him that money collected as evidence needed to be vouchered within five days. Dodson e-mailed back, his sarcasm fully restored: "Do the orders define a 'day'? Is it; a calendar day? A business day or work day….? An Earth day (because a day on Venus takes 243 Earth days which would mean that I have plenty of time)?"

The guns were never recovered, the case was later closed, and Fernandez was never charged. By any definition, it was gun walking of the most egregious sort: a government agent using taxpayer money to deliver guns to bad guys and then failing to intercept them.

The Op blew public and Dodson looked for a way out. He, more than anyone else, was politically (and probably criminally) on the hook for a dead Border Patrol Agent.

Get it? Dodson had beef with his direct supervisor who would not let guns walk. Dodson went over his head. Dodson got approval to let them walk. Dodson let them walk. Then, when SHTF Dodson looked for a way to control the crash of the operation to shift blame from himself to others. That's when Dodson sought his Useful Idiot to carry the story from CleanUpATF. He found that Idiot.

It was a Dodson Op.

Many people who want GunWalker to succeed as a story about corruption to the highest levels of Government have called the Katherine Eban piece a Hit Piece.

Yet, not one single person has disputed the assertion that it was Dodson who first proposed, then ran the gun walking aspect of the Op. Not one. Not Grassley in his rebuttal. Not Issa. Not even Dodson's attorney. Not the Useful Idiot.

Now keep in mind that every single person working at ATF chose a career to infringe your 2A. We usually call those guys Enemies of Liberty.

Most of us do.

Not all.

"John Dodson, I salute you, sir." Remember that?

Some of us do. Some of us have been able to connect all of the dots. Some of us knew what this was even before the details started floating out and being twisted for political and personal gain.

And just to finish off that foul taste in your mouth, you do understand that John Dodson, right now, still accepts your tax dollars to infringe your 2A as an active duty ATF Agent. And many of the key players in this contrived Sparklie still call for ATF to remain in existence.

Examine what you think you know. Examine decisions you may have taken based on information offered by people with an agenda. Don't be afraid to admit to yourself that you strayed from intellectual honesty and into the dangerous realm of political gamesmanship.

Most importantly, think for yourself based on the facts, not what you want the facts to be. One Useful Idiot in your Tribe feeding you bad intel upon which you act will get you all dead.



  1. Seems to me .gubbamunt has been doing this kind of stuff since AT LEAST the 80s (Iran/Contra, anyone?) and probably decades before.

    Sparklie, indeed. I don't get why people get so hung up about this. What, did we expect anything less from our Beloved Leaders?

    1. Exactly correct. And generation after generation of we "Patriots" rant and rave, get old and die off, while the next round of Sparklies do their work on the new crowd.


  2. Boils down to a nice little piece of office politics ... really? Not buying it. From Fortune .... c'mon man.

    1. Pertinax: Whether one "buys it" or not is not the issue. Facts are facts.

      How one decides to interpret the facts and what one decides to do based on the facts, is what matters.

      And in the end one fact remains undeniable: Dodson and every other player at ATF chose a career infringing on 2A, and still accepts taxpayer dollars to continue infringing.


  3. Well it's obvious to me the koolaid's been no good for quite some time now. Throat stents are a pretty good indicator.


    1. Hey CIII. Good to see you are still floating around. ;)



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