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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Treaded: Motivator - A Little Dose Of Reality For The Naysayers

What is coming to America is bad.

How bad? Who knows. If one were able to answer that question accurately beyond best guesses, one would be able to buy winning lottery numbers routinely.

But "Bad" is probably to be measured in shades of grey, mostly defined as a change from what you have known. Humans don't really like change once they have a comfort zone. So "Bad" can simply be defined as "Change".

I am betting on ugly financial times, a political reset, and general yuckyness. Yes, "general yuckyness" is a technical term.

I have zero anticipation of Mad Max. I have zero expectation for long-term grid collapse (Too many self-motivated people will do what it takes to keep an economy rolling).

Major metro areas will become yucky squared.

Major metro suburbs will be where class warfare becomes real, complete with hunting parties for defense and plundering parties from the city on offense. (Then, eventually, hunting parties going into cities to eradicate the threat).

Government will not go away. Even if there is a complete collapse of FedGov (not my guess) you will have local government of some form, even if it is only the strongest Tribe becoming your local Warlord. Whether benevolent or malevolent, a Warlord is a Warlord.

The folks living beyond easy travel distance from the 'burbs will have potential raiding parties once in a while, though I suspect your biggest threat to survival will be an interruption of steady food and medical supply chains. You'll be completely on your own from time to time.

We'll work out our political differences one way or another, then things will begin to work again, in some form or fashion. How's that for a precise prediction?

Regardless of where you and I part ways on predictions, the important thing is to prepare for a level or two worse than you realistically expect. A family with 90 days of food, water and fuel, and the means to defend those assets, is exponentially better prepared than 99% of your Countrymen.

The level of wealth in America is truly beyond comprehension. America simply can't "go broke" in our lifetime. The value of the dollar may implode, but that is not the definition of "broke" for a man who has meat grazing in the fields around his home, or the means to go and get that meat.

I constantly talk about "taking action" on this site. Please do not be caught flat-footed. "I'll do it tomorrow" is not the best plan. Defend yourself now by making sure you have the means to avoid hungry, scared crowds. Even if you live in the city or 'burbs, the less you must leave the nest to hunt & gather, the better your odds of making it through opening day.

Here's a piece from Treaded on the topic.



  1. Honestly, I can see things shaping up a lot like you just described. Not sure how long something like that could possibly last but I don't expect it to be over quickly. Thankfully, I live in a fairly rural area but I don't think anyone will go completely unaffected. All I can do is keep trying to prepare and hope for the best ending one can.

  2. I live in a "rural" area about 30 minutes away from 3 larger cities in Texas. I've finally convinced my husband to take me seriously, and have started gathering food, ammo, and medical supplies, but rather than 3 months, I may have gone overboard with 6 months. I sold his motorcycle that he never rides and purchased a good quality generator. He still thinks I'm nuts, but I feel better. I'm the mom of two profoundly autistic teen daughters, and it's my job to protect and provide for their survival in any situation. Thank you for being an open, believable voice of reason in unreasonable times.

    1. Hi Angel: Thank you for the kind words, and welcome.

      I don't think overboard is 6 months. If you have the means to put away everything you'll need for a year, I'd suggest doing so. At the worst, you'll have valuable assets to barter if needed.

      I don't know where you stand regarding violence training, but training with handgun, shotgun, rifle, knife and empty hands are important for every mother, in my book. I think I'll post a little something on that...

      Stay safe.



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