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Friday, July 20, 2012

Why we will be forced to fight sooner than later...

This column discusses a man on President Obama's "Enemies List" and points out that the President himself need not pick up the phone and issue orders to his minions to make life difficult for an enemy.

As we saw with Joe the Plumber, Enemies of Liberty and Useful Idiots will take the initiative when "Their Team" needs help. Within 24 hours of the Joe the Plumber moment on the campaign trail there were several separate and unassociated cases of people using their office to investigate Joe and get his details for damage.

Anyone who has ever felt like they may be on a local "*hit List" and harassed by local "Code Enforcement" probably is correct. I know I have a star next to my name at City Hall, and I know I have a star by my name when LEO runs my car plates.

My point: If you are waiting for DHS to kick in your door because of your political beliefs, you may be looking at the wrong enemy. Your local LEO has probably already put a file together on you, and they don't need to wait for the "Big Boys" to give them permission. Indeed, if they take you out of play, they may even get a ribbon and a new Stryker from Uncle Sugar.

Watch all of your Enemies. They are many, and they will act independently.

Here's the column.


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