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Monday, August 13, 2012

Building the III


I have been considering many avenues of increasing our Brand, growing our community with people who think as do we, and helping individual Patriots who want or need a new or additional revenue stream.

We have decided to build III Branded firearms, and we have a very small quota required to hit our short-term profit margins. Whether we decide to sell directly to the public or sell to gun shops, we should be able to hit our target numbers pretty easily. There are tens of thousands of retail shops out there, we need to get our product on the shelves of 1500 shops to hit our sales goal - that should be a gimme. Or, we need to sell to 1500 individuals. Either way we choose to pursue our sales, financial success for our immediate goals should not be a bridge too far.

One opportunity I have been considering, especially for III Patriots who do not intend to move to Idaho, is to help interested Patriots to get into the gun shop business.

Consider: IIIGear already has dealer accounts with Condor, KA-BAR, Cold Steel, US Palm, and opening new accounts is merely a matter of talking to the company we want to represent and submitting our initial order. This means IIIGear has access to wholesale gear. Soon III Arms will be able to offer wholesale pricing.

One of the biggest hindrances to opening a new gun shop is the start-up costs. Buying the stuff needed to fill the shelves is not cheap, especially when every vendor demands you to buy $500 or $1000 worth of product on your initial order. Browning Firearms wants a $7,500 initial order to buy their products, and that is just one firearms line. But, if you were to have IIIGear at your back, able to help fill the shelves for opening day without forcing you to invest the money required to open 30 different vendor accounts, Opening Day just got easier.

The Patriot would need to qualify for an FFL 01 from ATF and be able to sign a lease for a shop space wherever you decide to open. You'd still need some start-up capital to pay your landlord, buy your insurance, and cover the cost of a basic start-up package of inventory, but the business model has reduced that burden down to the size of a nut most can crack.

Can your area support another gun shop, especially a patriotic shop?

Just something to think about for a while. I've been noodling it through for a while now, and refining the concept. This brief post doesn't begin to cover all the details, of course, but it is a primer. And consider the advantages of having the III Brand beginning to infiltrate towns and suburbs through local gun shops.

The goal is III to III. If we can all work together to help individual Patriots succeed, we all succeed. The III Brand succeeds. In the end, Liberty succeeds.

If you are building or running a small Tribe in your area, a gun shop could be your revenue stream. Just as the Citadel will be built upon the III Arms factory, your Tribe could use your own business the same way. You'd be in charge of your future. And as times get tougher, gun shops will become more and more successful.

No, you won't become a millionaire running a gun shop. But you could establish a solid cash flow for your Tribe. And if the worst comes one day, you'd have a store full of essential gear and hard assets to hand out to allies.

Once III Arms is up and running, this networking avenue may hold promise for many.

Think about it.



  1. I've thought about how awesome it would be to have my own surplus store, with a huge stock of inventory on the books. =) Maybe a "replica" armored vehicle out front or a "decomissioned" howitzer. I don't think that would be enough to keep me away from Idaho though. I do have a friend here with some old military vehicles available. He's the guy ive been getting my plates from lately.

  2. Need a lot of money to start it up unfortunately.

  3. Brock, just need to convince my parents that their ever-shrinking 401ks could be better invested elsewhere.

  4. We would probably still be better off with just having people talk to local shops that already exist about carrying III Arms weapons.

    1. Absolutely - this isn't a marketing device for trying to sell III firearms. This would purely be a vehicle to help interested III Patriots build a business. The III Brand would benefit, to be sure, but we could not open enough stores in my lifetime to hit our III Arms goals.


  5. somewhat unrelated but possibly useful contacts


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