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Thursday, August 9, 2012

QC at Colt? New USMC 1911 Colts cracking...

Rich T has the story about new USMC 1911s cracking in trials, made by Colt, here.

Sorry for the silence, folks. We had a rather annoying shipping SNAFU with some IIIGear we shipped last week, and had to square that away among our other chores. If you have an order pending, give it 'til Tuesday. Only about 9-10 packages were FUBAR'd (out of about 40) so not everyone is affected. There is a machine eating packages somewhere in Ohio, which seems to be a significant hub in the world of packages heading out of my area. Tomorrow will be the same (pretty quiet on the blog) as we have III chores in Baltimore in the morning, then more locally in the afternoon, mixed in with regular work duties.

As of this moment I still do not have pricing for prototypes, so I can't give an answer as to whether or not we are Go or No Go just yet. We've been lining up alternatives in the event we don't get rolling very soon. We have one or two business model items to confirm as well, making sure everyone stays in-bounds with ATF. As soon as I know, you'll know. ;)

Looking into the near future, have you considered your role at the Citadel? I think you can safely consider it to be a frontier, with minimal enemy activity. It will be a town built and filled with Patriots relatively quickly, judging by the response I have had from so many of you. The Citadel is where you can consider your dreams and make them happen. We'll be creating a town from scratch, probably with a few smaller towns within relatively easy driving distance.

Have you dreamed of opening a coffee shop? A hair salon? A hunting outfitter? Think of an orderly Boom Town from the days of our westward expansion. The opportunities for you will be wide open. A bakery? I do like fresh bread. No matter what you want, make it happen. I will help you, personally, in any manner I am able. This is the time for you to get what you want from life, and secure the future for your family. Whether it is a dream job or simply a place to raise your children away from the ills of our greater society, the opportunity is coming soon. Plan now.

Holly posed a question that made me grin yesterday, as she is wrapping her mind around the enormity of the task before us. Yes, I've seen the "What the heck have you gotten us into this time?" look more than once in the last 2 weeks. Her question: What do we do about the family of four with Patriot Mommy & Daddy and Little Billy, when Little Alice turns into a screaming and silly 16 year old Liberal tree-hugger in a walled community surrounded by Patriots?

I have to admit, even in the "No Liberals" Citadel, there will be families with black sheep. My response was a shrug. Folks will work it out. I also answered that the Citadel will never be "better" than at its beginning, when the overwhelming majority are Liberty-minded Americans.

It is simply the way of nature to go from an orderly state to a disorderly state, and the Citadel will be no different. Can we get 2-3 good, solid, moral, healthy generations out of it before our posterity forget how good they have it?

Isn't that the same story of our larger culture today? Too many among us simply don't know how good it is in America, how hard it can be to simply live in many parts of the world. Americans simply haven't had to worry about rockets from Canada or Mexico or any other foreign power in so many generations, most of our Countrymen think...it can't happen here.

It can. It will, to some extent or another. Modern Americans are headed at full-speed for a PhD level course in real life. It's gonna hurt many folks.

All you and I can do is provide for ourselves and our children as best as we are able, and then the world belongs to them, and they will decide what to do with it.

The idea of spending the remainder of my life among a small community of like-minded Patriots, and as removed as we can be from the heavy hands of Bad People, appeals to me. And if the Bad People chase us to the walls...it will suck to be them.

If we bust our butts and do what we need to do, we can all have a great "...rest of our lives..." among one another, covering one another if we need to do so, and building something in an America where too many people want to destroy instead.

I'll give you a little insight to the chore before us - it should fill you with enthusiasm and a sense of "Oh yeah, we got this..."

In 2011 there were 14.4 million background checks for new firearms sales.

That is a LOT of firearms sales.

Do you know how many units III Arms must move in order to purchase the land for the Citadel in a year?


Yes, fifteen hundred units. One thousand five hundred sales in a year, and the company will buy the land for the Citadel.

That's it.

Are you willing to help promote III Arms to hit that sales quota?

To hit those numbers in a year we need to move 4 units per day, on average.

We should blow into the 1500 order range in weeks after launching into production, if we all do our part.

Yeah, we can do that. And if we do that in 6 months instead of 12, then I'll begin to see you folks rolling into Idaho in the Spring.

Yeah, we got this...



  1. You bet we got this. For once you can work hard and reap the benefits of your labors.

  2. Boy, have I got it. I can't quit grinning. ;) I'm more than ready for a change, bring it on!

    Miss Violet

  3. As I am a bit of a Jill of all Trades, there are many directions I could take, but in order to decide which would be best, I need to know what are our demographics looking like, as far as population? Is it mostly families coming to the Citadell, or is the biggest percentage single men, women, couples? Or perhaps an even amount of all? Have you been able to tell K? If not, speak up III.

    Miss Violet

    1. Perhaps an informal poll can enlighten us. Think u can whip one up K?

  4. Currently 46, single, 5'9", gray hair, blue eyes, 160lbs...oh, wait...sorry..wrong forum...soon to be married, with a 15y old son . They will (hopefully) be moving with me when we are ready, quite possibly in the next few months. I'm committed, she's committed to me. Whether or not we both need committed is still up in the air, tho.

  5. Two items here:

    Quality and customer service are absolutely essential to our business success. Everyone involved has to be dedicated to these two areas.

    Just me: 56, male, single. Should be able to move by the end of next year at the latest. Have a 28 year old step-son (single) who is a welder who would most likely come also if there was work for him. I would think there would be a few things that needed welding when you build a whole village from scratch :-)

    I do know a few other people who are not founding members but who would like to live in the Citadel. All younger than I am and all single.

  6. Concur with DukkButt...in today's "on-line communities" one or several bad CustServ experiences can sink a start up.

    About me: I'm 52 and single (tried marriage twice, it didn't take either time...Now I just rent). I'm a former intel officer (Navy and civilian, more than 30 years), now mostly-retired, caring for my 82y.o. parents in Arizona. Hoping to join the move to Idaho, but situation with the parents will come first, so I may have to delay a permanent arrival by several years. One the plus, I can significantly contribute (after the New Year) to the purchase of land for the Citadel...and I'd be trying to swing twice-yearly visits so I can keep a hand in the community and work on building a home.

    Skills: Well, not counting the intel-specific ones, I bake killer breads and rolls and a few german pastries, and have some experience raising livestock (chix, pigs and cattle). Have always wanted to be a butcher.....

  7. Marginally married 45-year-old, two beautiful kids, one neurotic dog, God love her. I want a 30+ slot campground with several 8-10 person "bunkhouses", a "community" building, and a coffee shop serving simple fare (homebaked breads and sweets), soups, salads, sandwiches, quick, filling, healthy(ish). I would love to be in place and ready for Patriots who come to work and need a place to stay while building. But you guys are moving so fast, I may be bringing up the rear.


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