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Monday, September 17, 2012

III: Updates & Fall Schedule & Liberty Congress & More

III Arms: Jim's latest pictured above. Sweet. Here's more.

III Arms and the Citadel have evolved over the last 2-3 months, and have ascended to Priority One. As a result I have not been able to hit gun shows as planned to collect signatures and properly promote the Liberty Congress. Holly and I looked at the schedule and the tasks we have to accomplish, and have decided to make a few adjustments.

Since the primary means of promoting the III Arms prototypes will be booths at large gun shows over the fall and winter so that potential customers can physically put their hands on the weapons, we've decided to push the Liberty Congress into the Spring. We've chosen April 13-15 2013 on the National Mall. The 15th (Tax Day) is Monday, and our event will benefit because so many other groups host events on the Mall on Tax weekend.

The plan remains the same, only the dates have changed. Your Liberty Congress shirts are not dated, so they remain useful. As our reps travel to major gun shows over the fall/winter, III Patriots will either share the booth or buy the next booth, and promote our organization and the Liberty Congress, get signatures on our Declaration, et cetera.

IIIGear: Hoodies/t-shirts. I've spoken with a few of you recently about hoodies and more importantly, recent t-shirt orders. In all of my years in business I have never had a more frustrating and embarrassing FUBAR/SNAFU than our 2 recent hoodie/shirt orders. As you know when I fist offered hoodies it was with the caveat that we'd place the order once we had the minimum orders in hand. Well, that took 3 freekin' months, and we STILL did not have our minimum, despite more than 50 people who "committed" to buying the hoodies. In the end I just said F'it and ordered the minimum along with a big shirt order.

I placed the hoodie/shirt order with our original shirt printer, and what "FINALLY" arrived at my shop was a ClusterFoxtrot. I sent it all back and had to wait for our refund. I have since ordered with another vendor (8 dozen shirts as well as hoodies) and it is expected in the next 2-4 weeks.

At the moment I have one (1), yes, one single III shirt in stock, a medium in OD.

As I have said a hundred times before - anyone who is tired of waiting for shirts/hoodies, email me and we'll send your money back.

I'm done talking about shirts/hoodies for this post, because I am grinding my teeth.

Other III Gear: I know many of you finally rec'd packages last week and today, and more has shipped. I have a couple items that were backordered from Condor (XXL Crossdraw Vests, for example), Cold Steel and 1 model of KA-BAR. As soon as the knives show up, I will send them to CADD for engraving, then to you. As may of you know we have been using standard #10 envelopes to send patches (1-3 quantity) for more than a year. Saturday when Holly and I showed up at the Post Office with a batch of about 35 envelopes filled with patches, they informed us we had to use large, cardboard envelopes from now on. So, a bunch of you owed patches, they are coming, but are being re-packaged.

In all honesty IIIGear is labor intensive for the few bucks from each order that helps promote the III. I'm not sure what we'll be doing with it in the near future. I am not the kind of guy who likes making people wait for orders, and since the 527 is not large enough to keep a fat inventory, it is too often that people end up waiting too long for basic orders, and it doesn't sit well with my business senses.

Birmingham: I'm not going to bother with the Alabama gun show/PatCom in the middle of October. If luck happens to shine on us, we'll be at the Indy 1500 gun show instead with our prototypes.

Citadel: Holly and I are headed west very soon. As mentioned, we have meetings with several county officials from several counties to discuss how much they'd like to have us in their back yard. My sincere thanks to Mike C. for a great primer he put together to help us through those upcoming meetings.

III Arms & Citadel: I am very proud to see so many of you fully embracing the Citadel and III Arms, preparing business plans, and looking forward to a life amongst our own.

More later.



  1. Any idea the price (ballpark)?

    Pardon me if I missed this but any idea on ETA??


  2. Mr. K,

    So the November challenge has been pushed back to coincide with other events on Tax Day weekend ? That rescheduled Liberty Congress date will get lost in the shuffle of other well-meaning protestors. You ad a great idea for 3 NOV. I knew the LC was going away when you didn't mention it for months.

    No disrespect to you but I will state here what I have determined....BULLSHIT ! In my mind you have lost any credibility you had.

    Liberty Congress = Tax Day 2013 = BULLSHIT !

    "There Are Enemies Amongst Us"

    1. Dan: Sorry you feel that way.

      By the way, how can you say "No disrespect..." and then finish with "You have lost any credibility you had..."?

      If you can think of a spring date better than April 15, let me know. And if you can help me get a few thousand signatures on weekends, raise a few thousand bucks, and increase the number of people who have committed to attend from 35 to about 300, I look forward to the help.

      In the mean time - DC will still be there on November 3 if you want to drop in and say your piece. Or you can attend any of the other events being held by III Patriots in DC this year. How many is that, exactly?

      Sorry if you are disappointed. Some of my ideas fall flat. Some generate modest support. Some generate big support, such as III Arms and the Citadel. The Liberty Congress generated modest support and needs a longer timeline to mature, which I will give it. And when I attend, it will have more than the 36 Souls who have thus said they will attend.


    2. I am disappointed more did not sign on. You have many irons in the fire Sam. Perhaps a better date would be Independence Day. (Though that pushes it even farther) With the meaning behind that day it could be more fitting than protesting taxes.


    3. I'm good with the 4th weekend. There will "literally" be a million people on the National Mall for the fireworks display. That is a LOT of people we can hand literature to who will see us with holsters on display.


    4. Mr. K,

      After ignoring the LC idea for many months as you pushed the III Arms idea, I knew LC was a dead issue. It was a good idea but you chose to abandon it when you decided to invest in the III Arms/Idaho idea. Now you decide to tell your readership how minimal support is/was for LC. You should have announced months ago you were dispensing with the LC idea. I surmisd as much when I questioned you on LC weeks ago.

      I've paid my dues. I spent a quarter century in the uniform of this once great nation. I've spent 10s of thousands of dollars in a civil rights lawsuit against local .gov where I won a unanamous jury verdict, only to have a federal judge, a traitor, throw out the jury verdict in my favor. I've about had it. Now you challenge me to carry on with what you yourself decided wasn't worth it ?

      Good luck in your latest venture Sam. Sadly, you are a disappointment to me.

      DAN III

  3. Having the Liberty Congress days before the election, then many casting their vote with Buy-a-gun day, would give it credibility and weight. Whether anything would change because of it is debatable. Pushing it off to the back burner does just that, makes it seem less important.

    Pushing the Liberty Congress back cuts it off at the knees. Cannot expect it to go far after that.



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