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Friday, September 7, 2012

Jefferson or Marx: Quick, choose one!

What's the difference between the men who connected the coasts and borders with rail lines and men today who wail and rail against Government while taking hundreds of thousands each year in medical and other handouts?

What's the difference between men who strung telegraph cable from each corner to every nook and cranny of the country, and the men who today use the grandson of the telegraph system to swipe their EBT cards?

When you see 40 and more people joining together to manufacture a product as a means to a better life for all involved, what sort of men and women do you think of first?

Do you think the men and women who built America were "You can't do that!" kind of people?

No, my friends. It is the "You can't do that!" people today who are ruining America, suckling her teets dry and tearing down the productive.

I choose Jefferson. I choose the voluntary right to freely associate. I choose the Liberty to engage in Free Enterprise. I choose to be the Master of my life, rather than to hold my hand out for the scraps stolen by force and redistributed to the mentally enslaved in return for their subjugation.

In just a few hundred years since the first pilgrims landed on this continent, America rose to the pinnacle of world power, to the highest quality of life the world had ever seen, to the highest calorie count per dollar anywhere in the world...by men and women who were probably told You can't do that!

Real Americans dismiss the "You can't do that!" crowd. One of my favorite phrases these days is this one, below.

Real Americans work for the fortunes this life has to offer. When you see hard work, courage and the risk/reward attacked, you are not watching real Americans. You are watching the worst among us.



  1. Bravo, Kerodin. Excellent piece. There is no better than you to lead us into a better place in life, a life where we all know true liberty.


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