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Thursday, September 20, 2012

NC PatCon: 2 Weeks and counting...

Brock and his Team have an update regarding their upcoming PatCom. 

My 2 cents: Genuine Patriots are hard to find, and you will find many at Brock's place in just over 2 weeks.  Consider a road trip even if you are not close - I personally know several are coming from as far north as Pennsylvania, and I would hope every Patriot in the Mid-Atlantic would give serious consideration to take this opportunity to meet Brock and the others who will be there.

And you'll get to meet Jim and put your hands on III Arms pistols and rifles.  Your pistols and rifles.

We are Patriots who do more than moan, groan and bitch about our world.

Meet more like us at Brock's place.

Here's the update.


1 comment:

  1. Yup! Cant wait. I and some of the tribe will be there. Reciprocity map shows just over 10 hours. (Stupid anti-liberty state MD will not get a penny from me. Got PA, WV, VA and finally NC and we are there. It will be worth it in more ways than one. I beleive with the world being in its current state, this is mandatory. Stop what you are doing, write the check and get yer ass to the NC PatCon! See III Arms, III Percent Patriots and more.


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