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Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Today is a IIIGear day. Sorry folks, the last 3-4 weeks have been very difficult for getting IIIGear orders rolled out the door. Several orders that were supposed to ship last week, and even a few from the week before, never made it to either USPS or UPS. We'll be working on catching up today.

I need an Intern.

Don't forget, Zoomie has great IIIGear offered at his place, here.

People intending to live within the Citadel: Please take a sec and hit the top poll about the type of housing you prefer. The answers will give us a rough guide for direction.

Keep working on the post below, please. I think Mark & Vernon and others hit on the proper perspective: They are not rules as much as they are mutual agreement. And as Ms. Violet suggests, feel free to weigh in with specific enforcable topics upon which we should agree to be a resident of the Citadel.

I'll begin:

~ 180 days of enough preps in your home for every member of your family
~ Basic Rifleman qual (exceptions, obviously, as warranted)
~ Longarm and sidearm + ammo for every able-bodied adult
~ Every child attending a Citadel school shall take a basic firearms safety course and a Marksmanship class every school quarter (Of course parents may be present and participate in any class, at any time in a Citadel school) Homeschooled children in the Citadel shall be taught firearms safety and Marksmanship. (Obviously, all such classes are subject to the maturity level and physical ability of each student) The purpose of this item is to ensure Hippies will never enroll, and to help re-instill a nation of Riflemen.

I'll stop there. Feel free to accept, alter, nuance, delete anything you don't like. I'm just one guy who will be living there. Personally, I will feel better if I know the young teens and the 'tweens know how to handle firearms and hit a basic target in a SHTF world. But that's just me. And, no - I will not have any children in the Citadel.

And just for the record, I will have a personal problem with anyone who leaves a dog tied out or in the weather. But that's just me. ;)



  1. I certainly hope the 8 inch K Bar and Liberty Congress Shirts were in that order. Much anticipation waiting for the K Bar, twas a BD present from the wife. Aint she grand. :)

  2. K.

    Wanted to say thanks for ALL your efforts in our quest for liberty, just got the vest...assume!


    1. Thanks Mozart, and I apologize it took so long.


  3. Just recieved my package today. I'm happy. :)
    Miss Violet


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