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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Elections to be postponed? Not so much...

Politico floated a balloon today about postponing the elections.

I suspect the balloon was designed to see who would balk.  An ink pack squirted into the water to see where the dye ends up.

Here in my neighborhood, we escaped with no damage, a few limbs down.  In the greater DC area it is mostly power failures.  New Jersey and New York were hit hardest.  Pennsylvania is the only state with any electoral significance, and a delay only helps the Rs.

So, ask yourself who would benefit from a delay at the national level if voting were suspended.  Most of the country understands that barring a major event (beyond Sandy) Mitt Romney is likely to be the next President.  The states most affected are reliably Blue states, no advantage for either side by delay.

The Left would face a backlash from the Right of epic proportions if they try to delay.  "I told you he was an enemy, now he's trying to steal the elections!"  There would be many versions of that statement not only from the fringe Right, but mainstream as well.  The Left would sacrifice Legitimacy for decades, even for trying.

If elections are delayed with the intent of a D victory, they could only take office and hold office with troops in the streets.  Not going to happen.

Delay elections to set a precedent for some benefit in the future?  Maybe, but certainly not likely.

The elections will take place as scheduled, with perhaps a state or two making some sort of accommodation for the storm.  Mitt will win (barring some major event beyond Sandy) and President Obama will be seen by future generations as the most ruinous presidency in our history, save Lincoln.



  1. Who cares who wins! The result will be the same.

    If voting changed anything it would be illegal.

    Don't Vote.

    Voting only gives the Beast legitimacy.


  2. The election will go on as scheduled. If the D's lose, they will claim fraud and intimidation anyway. Oddly enough, just like the Rs.


  3. The Executive branch doesn't have the power to extend their own occupancy. That would be up to Congress to decide, and I don't see that happening.

    It would go over like a lead balloon if they even tried to suggest suspending the elections from any 'official' mouthpiece.

    As I said from day one, Mittens will win by a margin. We'll see if it's 'contested' or not.

    And then will come the fun from the puppets after their boy is out of office. Fun times await!

  4. I, for one, care who wins. Not crazy about Mitt but he's a hell of a lot better than that jackass occupying the WH. Happy to read, K, you lumped Lincoln in with Obama. So many idolize the man who started the federal power grab.

  5. Lincoln is on the cover of the Smithsonian this month. When I got my copy in the mail, it made me nauseous even to look at it.

    The 'Great Emancipator' my freakin' arse. But this is 'merica where most people really DO think the Civil War was about free'n the slaves, and had nothing to do at all with state's rights and economically obliterating the South.

    I'm a 'Yankee' and I know that. What people are taught for history is nothing less than an utter disgrace.


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