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Friday, October 12, 2012

III Arms: Remember the Premise

As HK and I were discussing, when you consider the location selected for the first III Arms site, high upon a mountain and remote (though only about 7 driving miles to St Maries) you must remember the premise: What happens if SHTF before the Citadel is built?  It is only prudent for Miller & Co. to have a safe place that is out of the way where they can conduct their business in relative safety.

The picture above was snapped out the truck window just a few miles from what I am now renaming III Mountain.  Just because the III Arms first location (with shared use for the first Citadel efforts) is high and out of the way, doesn't mean that low-landers can't find nice, gently-rolling fields and stands of deciduous trees within, literally, a few miles drive.

Remember the Premise: This is a Martial EndeavorIt is for Self-Defense.

Let's start it that way, and never lose sight of the fact that we intend to be safe.



  1. I usually think logistics and I believe the St.Maries has the St. Joe river but I don't know if it is navigable by boat. Lewiston is the farthest inland port in the west. You are close to a lot of stuff in St. Maries but not next to anything. You are looking and using roads for transport of product in and outbound. It's a trade off of being remote and having an easy/cheap system of transportation.
    Trust me 3-4 feet of snow in winter is not all that unusual in the area. Me and Miss Violet joked about North Idaho winters as July, August and winter or Mud (Spring) July, August and winter. It's not very cold, but it's very wet and you get a lot of snow and power lines will be dropped by trees toppling.
    The weather can get to folks as you tend to have cabin fever in the winter and spring muds can make winter look wonderful but I loved growing up in that area. Running around in the woods, seeing were game trails led. Having elk, deer and bear wander through Elk River and a small town lifestyle that folks watched out for each other. The downside is folks want to be entertained and cliques and the rumour mills tend to be bad. People are people and these things will happen be it a small town in Idaho or a company barracks in the Army. Blow off the stupid stuff ask for the straight scoop from the founders and set up a couple of Wi-fi networks and internet and all bloggers with different perspectives and a rant page for the pioneers and it will be good. That will be our soapbox! If you don't like it you can always go and make your own town if you want and put in the effort, time and money!
    I'm excited the Citedel is moving forward and has a contract, a product and some backing.
    So all you chairborn rangers who think you can do better do something for yourselves and your readers.

    1. Thanks, Jamie. And the answer to your email you sent me a while ago (sorry, I am WAY behind) is "Absolutely" both re: gold/silver and lay-away.

      Thank you for the insights and the support.


  2. Hell K,
    If it was easy anyone could play and how boring would that be....LOL
    I'm getting some more "Water bottles" done up and for the 1st year anniversary of you all signing the contract I'll a batch of beer with Zoomie's III stickers ready to celebrate the first anniversary of breaking ground on the Citadel. Easy to remember as it's my birthday!
    If you can let me know about the silver rate/ratio you are looking at for lease or to buy! I do have a bit of knowledge of setting up commo towers and antennas as well as retrans on hilltops via the Army signal school. As well as networking PC's via wi-fi and cable. I'm kind a poor and would have to work my way via a bit of silver and perhaps credits for work done for free. You set the rate and I decide to take the job. but living on a mountain in my older RV and setting up a radio point in the summer, spring or fall sounds like a great vacation until I can afford a 4x4. Give me a few 55 gallon barrels, folks that can build a box and diggers we can make a great little outhouse/humanure pit for about 25-30 people in a couple of days.
    Daily wages are paid in a pre 1964 dimes and of 1-2 per day. Or about 3-6 oz. of silver per month. I want the Citadel to teach the difference finacially about value so we might as well start with the first workers thinking about a simple silver dime's value and how it is real and not based in fiat paper. Sell the AR not for dollars but for 1 oz. of gold or whatever the cost+profit is needed but express it in gold and/or silver spot price. Though folks can still spend dollars the Citadel beleives in real tangible value! With the Internet sales and given a 10% fudge factor on spot price, plus we know both gold and silver are very under valued in fiat dollars and both metals are set to go up exponetially in hyperinflation or in event of deflation while cheap in dollars, It's all about the value!


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