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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

NC PatCon Report

Miss Dixie, Brock's lovely daughter, was kind enough to model the III Arms Prototype 1911 for Jim & Company.  If you look at the slide serrations, you'll see our III is built into the pistol, and the grips represent the heart and soul of III Arms: John Parker.

Thank you, Dixie.  It was very nice of you to help out, and the pictures are outstanding.  I have heard that Dixie is the absolute definition of a Southern Lady, and it shows.  Brock, you've done good. 

Our first choice of holster was a Kirkpatrick Texas Cross Draw, but they were out of stock.  So we went with the IWB, something that would allow the serrations and grips to be visible without retaining straps and such.

Every report I have heard about the PatCon has been outstanding, and everyone who attended and/or supported is to be commended.  Especially Brock, who has taken on this burden twice, and is looking forward to another in the Spring.  Pulling off such a gig is not easy, not cheap, and is one of the most effective positive actions in our community.  When Patriots get to meet Patriots without the internet in the way, real gains are made.  Thank you Brock.

Here is a link to Brock's about this event.

More here.

Grand Prize Winner!

Pics from Hans, who also won Jim Miller's donated Mossberg for America 527 & the III!

Spring 2013 - Start planning to attend now!

Good job by all!



  1. The caption for that photograph would read something like this:
    Besides the obvious, you had better be praying that you asked her father first.

  2. I was thinking it must be a mannerless feral Yankee cur whose hand Miss Dixie is shaking, because no self-respecting Southern gentleman would be sitting on his arse in that situation.


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