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Monday, October 8, 2012

New post at Kerodin.com


Added: Mark D. Firestone is such a little bitch, and simply can't help displaying it every time he touches a keyboard (Mind you, he won't meet me anywhere in the world).  Over at his site he posted an email he wrote to me last night, tough gelding that he is - failed to post my response.  So, for anyone interested, here is a link to the entire email.  I've created a page for them above.

And for the love of all that is Holy, Carol, please stop breeding! 


Folks, I'm going to let this post drop through the page.  I know you don't come here for these silly sideshows, but this particular side show is different because Mark D. Firestone and Carol Jane King (Esquire) attempted to do real-world harm to many of you.  As has been mentioned, what you see online is merely the tip of the iceberg headed their way for the next several years.  The bulk of activity will continue offline through various means Society has provided for people who seek to do harm without cause. 

My position on Mark D. Firestone (of Firestone Fine Carpentry, LLC) remains the same, and remains in the visible realm: He is a coward behind a keyboard who has a standing invitation to meet me at a time and place of his choosing so he can recite his own words about me, to me directly.  We've all seen he is a coward and will not do it.  So remember, every time you see the name Mark D. Firestone, Erinyes, GrigortRasputin, Abad Don, and whatever screen name he will choose to try and hide behind, you know the truth.

Update 10/9 @ 7:56 AM Mountain Time: Nope, sorry Carol.  You don't get to post either until that thing you bed down with names a Time & Place he'd like to meet so he can recite his own words to me without keyboards and miles between us.  But I did notice all of the scrubbing and edits the two of you made at your sites - so you might actually have a slight clue about what is headed your way from others.  By the way, Carol, just remember that lying to an Officer of the Court, especially by an Officer of the Court, is a very bad thing in this world of cached pages and screen shots.

Just in case Mark D. Firestone, your man, fails to share the email he sent me last night, to which I responded, I'll inform you publicly and personally: The two of you attempted to bring economic harm and ruin to people who never knew you existed, and you used lies, inaccuracies, and vulgar public displays to injure them.  You're a lawyer (Ha!), you already know that I am not your problem.

I do get the personal satisfaction to ensure that the next few years of your life are filled every single hour with the knowledge that the financial ruin, misery and public disgrace coming your way are all your own fault because you chose to fuck with the wrong people, without cause, and because your Souls are foul.

I am done with you, Carol Jane King (Esquire), in this venue.  But this matter is not done with you.  You've already figured that one out.

As for that filth who you permit near your offspring, he and I are not done.  He has much for which to answer.  He continues to mumble and bluster, even offers to buy me a drink to make this all go away, but refuses to find the courage to simply pick a Time & Place so he can express his revulsion of me in person. 

I do wonder what it must be like for you, as a female, to look at your mate every day and know he doesn't have the physical courage to back up his foul mouth, to know you must settle for the dregs of the gene pool.  Sad, I suspect.  Repugnant on some deep, buried level? 

Well, that's your problem.


Update 10/9 @ 4:45 AM Mountain Time: Nope, sorry Mark.  I told you no comment gets posted until you prove you are not a Coward of the First Order. 

Time and Place you insignificant fuck.  That's all you get to comment here.  Where and When will you meet me and recite your own words to my face?

You do not get to attack my friends and allies from this blog, and you will answer for your attacks elsewhere.  III to III.  Your mouth has written checks your ass is obviously unwilling and unable to cash.  Any idiot with an IQ above toast would have known you don't get to pull internet thug silliness with me, and your gal pal's access to my FBI File would have confirmed you should have kept my name out of your cock pocket.   But we both know she hasn't the sort of pull to get that file.

Just STFU until you name a Time and Place.  Punk. 

Here's some free Life Advice: Spend a bit less time online running your mouth about other people, get a real job and get your female out of that ghetto before you both become completely unemployable, which is now imminent.  You made a run at destroying the financial future of real Patriots, and by the Laws of Nature you will reap what you sow.  Penniless, homeless and unemployable are in your futures.

You will learn some manners you slack-jawed filth.  You will end up suckling the Federal teat to eat your gruel.

You fancy yourself the Greek Erinyes, and the hard-to-kill Rasputin, and the destruction of the Hebrew Abad Don. So let me offer a quote, slightly modified, that you will soon come to understand at the molecular level: "I am the punishment of the III...If you had not committed great sins, God would not have sent a punishment like me upon you.”

What must it be like to waken every day to the knowledge that you are a failure and physical coward...

You should have taken your own counsel, here in your own post, though we all know your words are bullshit: [Some Blogs]...aren’t for me. If I’ve learned one thing all the years I’ve been blogging, it’s that I absolutely detest blogwars and drama. I refuse to go there anymore. Sometimes, an apology and move on is in order. We’re all opinionated assholes to one degree or another. Sometimes it’s best to keep one’s counsel to one’s self.



Update 10/8: I am bumping this to the top just so you can all see that what I wrote at Kerodin.com is, in fact, the case.  Read the final paragraph, final sentence, final word - forever to be associated with Mark D. Firestone of Firestone Fine Carpentry, LLC.  (There's a joke on an entirely different level!!)

Mark D. Firestone runs his mouth online like Rambo, accuses others of being "Internet Posers" and such, yet when offered the opportunity to say his words to the face of a man, he will not simply name a time and place. Putrid is the stench of cowardice. 

Any street corner in America, Mark.  Any time you choose after I am finished with my current travels.  I will hand you the printed copies of your words toward me, and I will give you the opportunity to read them aloud while standing in my personal space.  If you are scared, I'll even keep my hands in my pockets.  Just you, me, and a guy with a video camera.  C'mon, Mark.  You can't really be this terrified, can you?  Rinse your panties and let's do this thing.

I will post the first response he finally managed to find the courage to send, simply so you can all see that he ducked the issue, twisted words, and refuses to be a man and simply pick a time and place where he can tell me what he thinks of me, man to man, face to face.  You will note he seems to have a reading comprehension problem on top of all his other failings: Zoomie did not threaten you, idiot.  I know who set you on this course, but I don't care.  You are but a tool.

You see Mark, you fucked up in several places.  Mocking me makes no difference.  You don't even make the top 1000 List of people who call me names and think little of me. I have been called much, much worse by better men than are you. 

No, you fucked up when you and your female began attacking innocent and genuine Patriots of whom I am fond with inaccuracies, deliberate lies, vulgar language, and attempted to ruin their attempts to build a company in the world.  You see, they are not failed carpenters with a curious fascination with homosexuality, they are not women thrice divorced and now willing to consider even you as a possible mate.

You fucked up when you attacked my allies, who are good, decent people who will never lower themselves to meet you in the muck you relish.  I have no problem taking point for these people.  I have no problem meeting you at your level, I have no problem calling you a twisted fuck and daring you to recite your sewage to me in person.  I have no problem traveling anywhere to prove to the world you are spineless filth.

You think I have threatened you or your female?  Idiot.  I have challenged you to meet me in person and recite your own words.  As to that thing you call a mate, perhaps you should once again read my words.  Others will handle her.  Are you really so daft as to think that means violence?  Idiot.

You have attempted to ridicule and mock, to hinder the financial success and ultimately the survivability of good people, and injure the reputations of decent Patriots. 

You reap what you sow.  That, I promise.

So you may continue to post your filth, but without naming a time and a place to meet me and read your own words aloud to my face, you do so forever revealed as a Coward.  Don't bother me with any more comments to my blog, none will be posted until you pick a time and place to prove you do not have to squat to pee.

Mark. D. Firestone, of Firestone Fine Carpentry, LLC, genetic garbage.



Update: By the way, Mark: I do not read your putrid sites, so if you decide to be a man and accept my challenge, you'll have to email me or you can post on this thread.  I won't post anything but your acceptance or denial.  Personally, I think you are far too cowardly to accept the challenge and meet man to man.


Sorry to have to take time from our busy agenda to handle a pair of malignant Souls, but I refuse to stand aside while good men and women are attacked without cause by genetic waste who dare call themselves Patriots.

They claim they are "Patriots like you" yet they define the degeneracy of the American Soul.

Choose your allies carefully.  Yes, I do know who is behind these two attackers, but I don't need to expend any energy there.

Here's the link.  Don't bother reading if you have no use for silly drama.

In Idaho tomorrow.



  1. Replies
    1. Some idiots simply don't know when to quit. ;)

      Stay safe.


  2. As long as you and yours continue to engage in intimidation tactics and veiled threats against Ms. King and I, I will continue to mock your vapid and asinine Citadel and III Arms endeavours. You are the one threatening and who claims to know where my front door is. Bring it. By the way, "others dealing with Ms. King soon" is hardly a veiled threat.

    Your move, asshole.

    I suggest you and the rest of your retarded band of loonies just fuck right off.


    Mark D. Firestone

    P. S. You want to make good on that guttin' threat, Walter Zoomie?

  3. Relax, friendo.

    I don't know you or even half of what's going on here, nor do I really give two shits.

    Sam's a big boy. He can handle his business in his own way. He doesn't need me.

    Knowing a little bit about Sam, my comment was a satirical weather forecast.

    Nothing more.

  4. The Erinyes? the Avengers? did you read about that bit of history on wiki?

    Whatever this is about, Mark, you might want to consider your position, some people are serious in their assertiveness.

  5. So Mr. Firestone likes to denigrate people he doesn't even know? Sounds like he has issues with his self-image and that he is, in fact, a coward who must resort to name calling to puff himself up. My money is on K - a real man and patriot. Now will Mr. Firestone show up to put his money where his mouth is? I think we all know the answer to this question.

  6. Thank you all. These two are insignificant provocateurs sent by a puppeteer. I know who is behind it, but Mother Nature is handling that problem. I know a few of the behind-the-scenes players, and they will soon come to understand that if you stir the shit, you can expect to be splattered.

    Women like Cheryl know what it is like to be married to a real man.

    The idiots we are fighting are not real men. They don't deserve much of your attention.

    And Zoomie - I love it - a satirical weather forecast! Brilliant!


  7. Theres a lot of people who claim to be a "Patriot", yet when all is said and done, they'd rather live under tyrannical rule than give up a cushy, convenient lifestyle.

    To them the Citadel is a slap in the face to their cowardice.


  8. Welllll.....If it is indeed Mark D. Firestone Fine Carpentry in Cotati, Ca., The fact that it is in whine country north of San Fransicko may have something to do with it. Just sayin,.......

    Somewhere behind enemy lines,
    Peoples Republik of Kalifornistan


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