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Monday, May 23, 2016

Final Summary of Why

This post is as timely today as when originally posted:

**UPDATE**  Adam L. is a Patriot in our community, and sent this editorial from Pravda to me.  The piece affirms what I posted below, and you'll note that the piece was written just after BO's inauguration.  Here's the link, Comrades.


This will probably be the last time, at least for a while, that I offer a summary of the Enemies of Liberty and how Liberty in America came to be so imperiled.  I understand the issues and I am moving forward.  I am no longer interested in waiting for anyone to catch up, awaken, or otherwise get involved.  Many good people will die in the coming mayhem, and while it sucks to be them, it is time to leave them behind.

Golitsyn was correct.

If you don't know who Golitsyn is at this point, I will leave research to you.

There is an old saying amongst Cold Warriors: Americans play Checkers, Russians play Chess.

What is happening in America right now is the end-game of a generational plot by Marxists to defeat America and effectively take control of the world.  They captured our young through the schools.  They captured our courts and politics.  They captured big-business.  They destroyed the ability for America to be self-sufficient.  They succeeded in corrupting the moral compass of the vast majority of Americans.  Most Americans do not know what a backfist tastes like, nor do they know what a genuine day of hard work is like.  American military is unable to fight two conventional wars at once, and our Navy is as weak as it has been in generations.

The only step remaining is to drop the pretense (we are seeing that now) and begin a purge of all people who are dangerous to their plan.  Once the purge is over, the Marxists in the world will have little to do aside from mopping operations.  They have the entire Eurasion continent.  They have everything from Mexico southward, and Canada is as Socialist as Europe.  Africa is not even a player.  The Muslim Horde is nothing but a tool being used, and they will be crushed as soon as their usefulness is rendered null by our collapse.

98% of the population of the world will stand down in the face of American defeat, they will not help and will not care.

You are the end game.  You and your ideals are the final obstacle.  The overwhelming majority of your "Countrymen" support the path we are on today, and the vast majority of the remainder simply don't care.  Make no mistake: When .gov issues an edict to Ruger, S&W, Colt and others to cease selling to the American public, they will comply with little more than a grumble.  When the NRA Membership are ordered to report to local LEO and surrender their firearms, 98% will comply. 

Those people who think themselves "Super Patriots" and "Cold dead fingers" types in the gun world will show their protest by burying a rifle or two and satisfying their inner voices that they have stood up to tyranny, while surrendering the rest. 

What will be left?  A few of us who mean it when we say Liberty or Death.

We are no significant threat to the machine at the moment, though our ideals are.  That is why we must go.

If you take nothing else away from this post, please heed this graf: A Marxist Purge of historic scale is coming to America at full speed.  Stalin and Mao will be remembered in the history books as amateurs.  Pol Pot nothing more than a Useful Idiot.  BO as the Great Liberator who brought the entire planet under heel.

Do I think all is lost and resistance is futile?

Hell no.  But make no mistake, the odds are at least as bad for us as were the odds that Washington faced.

I think our Masters have mis-calculated their ability to control the crash of the country.  I think they have over-estimated their ability to project force in a deliberate crash.  I think events will quickly get out of hand for them, and they are about to unleash so many variables that they will suffer in their hubris.

I am moving forward.  I am not slowing down for people to catch up.  I am not going to waste a moment in an attempt to win Hearts & Minds or pull the mask of Legitimacy off the face of the beast - for in reality, the Beast is legitimate for it has the consent of the governed.  If you are awake and choose to walk with me, you are welcome.  If you are awake and choose to remain where you are, I will remain forever your ally and will do what I am able on behalf of your Tribe.

I have my own definition of Victory, and my own path to reach that Victory.  These 50 States represent a price paid in blood and sweat, and united they represent America's true strength.  Keeping the States unified is my goal.  Keeping the DoI, Constitution and BoR as our guiding ideals is my goal.  Ridding ourselves of Enemies of Liberty is my goal.  They may cease and desist, leave, or face trial for Treason.  Every single person in America who has actively worked for the violation of Constitutional restrictions or Rights and/or Natural Rights is an Enemy of Liberty.  Period.  "Actively worked" includes every clerk in every political and bureaucratic office.  "Actively worked" includes every single voter who gave money to Bad People and voted for Bad People.  "Actively worked" includes every single member of the FSA.  Actively worked includes the spouses of Enemies of Liberty who live at the expense of those trampled Souls injured by their Enemy of Liberty partner.

Please do not bother me with why my goal is stupid, immoral, or why my goal is untenable.  As has been said: People who say it can't be done should stay the hell out of the way of the people who are doing it.

The best way to avoid a punch: Don't be there.

The best way to defeat a much larger, more powerful and better resourced enemy is to let him defeat himself to the point your entry into the fight can make a difference.

Then: Enter the direct fight and make that difference.

Death is not the worst outcome for real Patriots.  All men die.

How you live is what matters.

No more waiting.  Action, every single day.  What are you doing today to advance your odds of victory, and aiding Liberty?  Your Enemies are working tirelessly.

memento mori


  1. Ye stated:

    "I have my own definition of Victory, and my own path to reach that Victory. These 50 States represent a price paid in blood and sweat, and united they represent America's true strength. Keeping the States unified is my goal."

    If ye would, could ye please clarify that statement a bit? Fer a smart fella, I can be a bit dense at times.

    Does this mean that ye do or do not support, say, the 20 states petitions to secede from the union that are currently underway? And if so, why not? Thanks. ~J

    1. Janos: The full answer would take a lot of writing.

      Short answer: I support the petitioners, and I fully recognize the Right of each State to secede. I do think that the *topic* of secession can be used as an effective political tool and rally point to the benefit of Liberty.

      However, I fully believe that *actual* secession is, ultimately, the defeat of Liberty. Surrendering CONUS to Balkanization will result in eradication of Liberty in the long run. Surrendering the DoI, Constitution and BoR will be the death of Liberty.

      So: I have no problem using secession as a tool, but I would hope prudent minds, at the end of the day, would simply choose to evict current FedGov players and re-form under the Constitution. Reverting to AoC, or trying to devise any modern guidelines for a Government based on Liberty will fail horribly in comparison to our originals.

      A modern Constitutional Convention would have to be met with force, for the people in the room would have no Constitutional legitimacy and no founding in respect for Natural Law.


    2. Thanks for taking the time for a response Sam, I appreciate it. My reply ended up being a bit wordy, so I posted it here: http://wildlibertyiii.blogspot.com/2012/11/on-secession.html

    3. I thought your reply post was on target, Janos. Here's my take on the whole thing.

      I think Sam has excellent reasons for his beliefs. After all, who wouldn't want a society based on the PRINCIPLES of the Founders, at least the honest ones? But then, who wouldn't want a society based on the PRINCIPLES of a lot of the secessionists, the more rational ones anyway? For that matter, who wouldn't want a society based on the visions of the "voluntarists" who know what the hell they're talking about?

      See where I'm going with this? None of that matters really, since it's all just about switching the welfare of society for the welfare of oneself. THAT'S the error and NOTHING is EVER going to change until THAT foundational principle is altered.

      I don't wanna ramble too long, so I'll just say that this is the age-old con---getting good, honest people to SWITCH their "highest causes." Before you know it, everyone's fighting for all those imagined causes instead of for their own lives and happiness.

      I don't care how you cut it, a person can't have ANY causes unless he or she is alive. Personally I'm staying focused on that, and then I'll worry about how everyone else ought to live. Really, I won't worry about it even then, because it's none of my business in the first place, and I'd much prefer to be too busy anyway.

    4. "I fully recognize the Right of each State to secede."

      Sounds cool, and no doubt sensible. But here's the real question..."So what?" What if you didn't recognize such a right? What if the next guy doesn't? Does either one justify the murder of hundreds of thousands of other people? More importantly, how could either one POSSIBLY justify the sacrifice of one's own life?

      There are things more valuable than life itself, to be sure. You mention a good candidate with this...

      "...the benefit of Liberty."

      Here's the catch, though, and this is why it's all the damn philosophers' fault. Things are as they are. "Liberty" is a concept which applies to a particular sort of object, that object being a person, duh.

      I know that sounds trivial, but it's almost everything. The "thought leaders" have gotten otherwise rational people to believe that there's something ELSE out there that may be called "Liberty." Well, there isn't, just like there isn't such a thing as "brunette" in the absence of human hair.

      Before you know it, everyone's fighting for these imaginary "things," forgetting about their own lives. Plus, having not thought it through carefully, they have nothing to rely on except what the experts preach, or what everyone else thinks. Voila...Democracy. The technical mistake here is allowing the nature of the thinking to supplant the nature of the object. It's known as "Primacy of Consciousness" as opposed to "Primacy of Existence."

      Alright, I'll stop for now. Maybe one day the Citadel will hire an epistemologist, but I think y'all need carpenters first.

    5. "Maybe one day the Citadel will hire an epistemologist"...

      I'll race you for it ;P


  2. Excellent post. A lot of people think a Purge is wild tin-foil hat stuff. They don't understand that it's a logical necessity if the collectivists stay on a roll.

    You can't get regular people to be really bad, unless they believe they'll be murdered for being really good.

  3. And yes, I've made my list, checked it twice.....

  4. The devil wears Pravda.
    Funny how we gotta go there to get the truth.
    The world is upside friggin' down.

  5. America is INFESTED with rats. Rats contribute nothing by waste, disease and pestilence and therefore must be eliminated. You and I will not be the ones who do the elimination because the super socialists will start by preying on wealthy individuals and they are crushed they will prey on the powerful corporations. When this happens, our enemies will be their allies and their hit men since the only way to right this ship is to carve out a clear majority. My advice is to MOVE AWAY FROM MAJOR CITIES as soon as possible since I foresee nuclear genocide occurring in the near future in many of our largest cities. Est. 3-5 years away.

  6. The socialist rodents have bred their way into being the dominant species in the USA. They are now laying the foundations to attack the rich, redistribute wealth and drive the middle class out of existence. It's happening and in five years you won't believe the damage that is coming. Once Obama and his ilk strip the rich and destroy the middle class, they will go after the big corporations. This is where the danger begins since the threat of terrorist genocide (nuking major cities from within) is a strong possibility. Oh, it won't be people like us since we only want to live free and protect our families. But when they challenge and threaten the large corporations, the only answer the big corporations have is to rid the attic (the USA) of it's rats, socialist rats, that is. The problem is that when the planted tactical suitcase nukes begin blowing up our cities to thin the socialist support by the tens of millions, many of us will get caught in the crossfire. As for me, I would get the hell out of any tightly populated U.S. city or urban area if you get my drift, since the terrorism of today could very well switch to terrorism from within and outside at the same time. Biological warfare is still another tool of mass genocide that could be used in the cities and tightly populated areas. Either way, get out of the cities. Not comforting news, but when one gets their backs against the wall anything can happen.

  7. The leftists/Marxists/communists taking over the schools was the first part of the plan-
    “Give me just one generation of youth, and I'll transform the whole world.”

    ― Vladimir Ilich Lenin

    Between the schools having been nothing more than leftist indoctrination camps for at least the past 20 years,the creation of the free shit army/cheese eaters,the political correctness bullshit, the creation of multiple "protected classes" of social misfits and sexual deviants-the leftists/communitsts have achieved well over half of their goals.
    They did this exactly the way Lenin stated it could be done-look at most of the young people-they're carbon copies of each other-all programmed by the schools,they are not capable of thinking for themselves.
    The first of these kids went to work for the government,which they have infiltrated along with our politics-we have enviro-nazis in charge of the EPA,USFS,USFWS,DOI,and they do nothing other than enact more regulations-killing businesses. We have government "scientists" churning out bullshit "studies",and the sheep bleat in agreement-it's sickening.
    We are already the "enemy" of .gov inc. they have had the propaganda machine working overtime-anyone who supports the Constitution,says government is too big,there's too much regulation,supports gun rights,believes in rightful liberty,tells the truth about Islam,and on and on...
    Is a "right wing extremist" a "domestic terrorist", or a "lone wolf terrorist".

    Look for .gov inc. to start picking off those they know about and are afraid of one by one.

    It's gonna be one hell of a rough ride.

    1. "It's gonna be one hell of a rough ride."

      Let this be your consolation - it's gonna be just as rough a ride for them as it is for us, and most of them are neither armed nor prepped...

      Justice does have a sense of humor...


    2. They have no fucking idea just how ugly some of us are willing to get in the name - and reality - of Liberty. And they have paid to train some of us - like you...

      May they reap the reward of their arrogance.

    3. 'They have no fucking idea just how ugly some of us are willing to get in the name - and reality - of Liberty.'

      Priceless statement K!

  8. Am I crazed, or is something wrong with the reply/dates thing? Thanks!

    1. This was originally published a few years ago.

  9. Yes. Paid to learn to kill from a long way away, and although no longer in their employ - the training and skill remain. And the cost of unmerited arrogance is very high, indeed.
    ...Bill Collector

    1. Bill Collector...

      Would you reply to my last email sent 3 weeks ago or so.


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