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Monday, November 5, 2012

III Arms Company: Live!

The company is open for business!

Vote for Liberty now - IIIArmsCompany.com!


  1. Order placed for one of each! One small step for the III and the Citadel!

  2. Why are "Patriots/Constitutionalists/III%'s voting today?
    Kool Aid, kool aid, kool aid, so red
    and sweet!
    As the Patriots who don't partake of
    Jim Jones have said time and again, "electoral
    politics will not solve the crisis of our Republic".


    1. Bill Ford (I refuse to hide from anyone by not using my real name) Especially .govNovember 6, 2012 at 9:39 AM

      I can not speak for anyone other than myself, but is it not true that most here want a "restoration" of the Constitution and true Constitutional .gov? While I may agree with you that we probably will not get there through the (s)election process, do we not owe it to ourselves and our children to make absolutely every peaceful attempt that is possible and available (just as our Founding Fathers did in their day) before we either resort to arms or just give up and attempt something new? If we are to restore true Constitutional governance to our Republic, does that not also include voting, which is a part of said Constitution?

      Look, I don't particularly like either of the selections we are being offered, but voting is still part of our Republic. Personally, I think ALL the bastards should be hanged, publicly, after a fair trial. From dog catcher all the way to the top I would like to start completely over, no fucking experience required or wanted (professional politicians); only honest and informed citizens need apply for the TEMPORARY job of SERVING We The People, then back to the real world and your real job. This bullshit didn't happen to us overnight and unless we take the 2nd Amend. solution, it is not going to change back overnight either.

      Hey Mr K and Mr Miller, Congrats. Let us all hope and Pray that there are still enough true Patriotic Citizens left in our Republic to make this a total success.

  3. Good luck today, we are thinking about you guys today in east TX.

    Bill Nye

  4. Good luck today and good job to everybody that created III Arms and also all the hard work and dedication that goes into something like this..
    It will be a success. It's also an honor to be in the same company with people that share the same beliefs and goals. Hope I get to meet some of you someday. I did spread the word about IIIArms to everyone I know and hope they bought today..


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