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Friday, November 9, 2012

Random Thought...

Gun Control laws are put in place for lawful gun owners, and the Police State is not being put in place to control the FSA...

Drudge has a headline that Big Sis may be heading to AG.

She spent 4 years identifying "Domestic Enemies".

She'll spend the next 4 years working off that list and putting those "Domestic Enemies" in the crosshairs.

Count on it.



  1. Eric Holder will walk away, probably after the inauguration, or maybe a bit before to save his own arse and to diffuse the Gunwalker and Fast and Furious scandal. When? Who knows. But it'll be soon. Janet Napolitano will then be appointed Attorney General for her 'service' the last four years.

    This is the same woman that brought us the 'Turn in your neighbors or fellow shoppers for suspicious activity' Wal-Marx campaigns at the checkouts a year or two ago.

    So Big sis as AG? COUNT ON IT.

  2. It's a good thing I hold a low profile, huh?


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