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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What do you do if...

Most *ahem* "fisticuffs" will begin with a push, shove or grab.  This holds especially if the initiation of force comes from LEO, who will almost always seek to restrain versus opening an attack with a strike.  Don't get complacent, if LEO thinks you are a handfull he won't hesitate to try and soften you up with an elbow or baton kiss.  (If they know you are a handfull, they'll come heavy with a dynamic entry team even if they know you are only armed with a ballpoint pen and a smile - but that's a story for another day.  ;)

Dummies who grab are fun.  A serious fighter can do so much more damage when a dummy grabs and holds. 

But answer this honestly and without anyone listening to the answer but yourself - how many ways do you know out of the simple front choke pictured above?  No bravado.  No "cold dead hands".  No ".45 ways".

I could ask a thousand more questions about his stance, what he'll do next, where his weight is now, and where it will be if he is driving forward or flat-footed, right hand or left.

I already know the answers. 

Please take the time to learn.  Time is short.  The life you save may not only be yours.

Krav Maga, folks.  I advocate it not because I get a commission.  I'm not in the Krav business.  My skill-set is based on arts other than Krav.

My experience is based on Life.

I advocate Krav because no other matrial art will make you as prepared for the real world in just 6 months of hard training.  None.

Here's one report.



  1. Use your right arm to grab his wrist and secure his arm in place, then shove straight up into his elbow with the other arm, breaking his elbow. Then shoot him in the head.

  2. I would either release the tiger or drop the 16-ton weight.

  3. http://www.dojolocator.com/Modern-Era-Warriors/ Would these guys do the trick? Limited places in this neck of the woods. Very limited.

    1. CKM is NOT Krav Maga. The founder(Moni Aizik) has been ousted in the KM community as a bold faced liar. His system is basically Judo and he has capitalized on KM's popularity. Find a school associated with the KM Alliance or KM World Wide.

    2. No Krav Maga teachers in my area, I chose Ving Tsun. There are no flourishing moves, its a straight forward eliminate your opponent now, style.

  4. I read an article long ago by a WW2 Combaties trainer, which referenced that same (or perhaps similar) photo. He asks 'So, there you and the bad guy are, now what do you do? Most people begin thinking about ways to counter the hold, choke, whatever. but I want YOU to think differently. I want you to have it ingrained in your mind and even subconcious that in that picture, YOU are the guy with your hand on the other guy's throat.'

    That one bit was the only thing I remember from the article, and it changed my perspective about combatives entirely.

    Think about it.

  5. Snap kick to the balls, a kick to the head when he's bent over or on the ground, then shoot him.

  6. Grab the pistol out of his holster on the right side, shoot him in the knees. Shoot his wife, kids and dog in front of him, then shoot him in the thighs, groin, hands, arms, shoulders and finish him off by dipping him in phosphoric acid...slowly...until he drowns.

    Or at least that's what I did in a dream once.

    1. Damn, Miller, glad you're on our side !
      My first thought was a titty twister.
      Kayne in CO


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