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Sunday, December 2, 2012

III Congress: Spread the word

We are coming off the weekend, so I'd ask everyone hit your mail lists and phone trees and drive them to the III Congress site.  Have them sign up to help tie our Local, Local, Local together, put our legal defense funds in place, and more. 

Let's hit it hard this week.  Our militias have been working for years.  Imagine what they can do with some political cover from the national level.  Imagine what we can do by aligning and helping with the militias.  Not Command & Control - but Political legitimacy the same way Jefferson & Company showed the public that is was ok to support the Sons of Liberty.

Alan Mullinax has suggested our first physical meeting in April at the Kings Mountain Battle site.  I suggested the 19th.  That makes the place and the date historically relevant.  But this is a matter for the Congress to decide.  So let's get this Congress stuffed with Members and Delegates.  Personally, I want 300 of us, and that should be a realistic goal.  That 300 number is also historically relevant, in the minds of our fellow Americans.

We can do this, Patriots.  Sandman has already done a LOT of legwork.  Let's all match his efforts, and we'll be golden.  Reach the Tea Party and gunners too.  They are all candidates.

The Citadel:  The Citadel will go live at some point this week, accepting formal applications.  When it is ready we'll email the people who hit the "Reservation" form first, and they get first shot.  Founders, of course, do not need to sign the application.  But you folks who signed the Reservation, I urge you to sign the formal application as soon as it is live.  More than 100 of you reserved space (not counting our Founders!) and that is without ANY national advertising.  Statistically, that is a BIG deal.

Once Miller & Company begin advertising at gun shows, the Citadel space is going to sell out quickly.  The Media Kit being used to sell III Arms will also include the Citadel and other III Projects.

Remember, you'll get an email before it gets announced on the blog.  As soon as you get the email, I suggest you fill out the Application right away.



  1. As much as I understand the the symbolism behind having the Congress meet on 19 April and appreciate it, I think you need to have it in the fall to give people time to gather funds. Not everyone can just buy a plane ticket without budgeting for it. JMHO

  2. As I just posted at TL's site...
    The UN Small Arms Treaty is back on the agenda in MArch, IIRC. Perhaps we should meet, or have delegates meet in certain regions, then nationally, to discuss contingencies for it's possible (probable?) passage.
    With all due respect, Miss Violet, we need top scrape together money, pawn something, borrow, go without coffee, smokes or beer. Cancel cable TV. Make it a lean Christmas. Ask for cash for Christmas, as tacky as it may seem. Or a gas card. I am certain there are ways to get together enough cash to drive several hundred miles and grab a few meals.
    Shit's getttin' real, and real close, too. I understand the financial constraints faced by us average citizens, but I believe the "our fortunes" part of "Our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred Honor." part comes into play here.
    We're up against bad folks with unlimited resources and an accelerated schedule. I just don't believe we have until April or beyond.
    Dan Knowles

  3. I love the idea of having the Congress on 19 April.

    I agree with Dan. I am going to sacrifice, scrape, sleep in my vehicle, whatever I have to do to make it for this! The time is now and with the UN and the Obama administration forcing the issue in March, April will be the perfect time to issue a response!

    I just hope that the Gun-control lobbyists will give us until next summer!

  4. Important to consider weather, too.

    It might be a good idea for those of us that are truly committed to this effort to exchange contact information. I have no problem having Kerodin pass along my e-mail and phone number at his discretion. If we're all hooked up, we could make travel arrangements in order to insure that everybody can get there economically.

    Me and a group of my friends do this sort of thing about six times a year to get to pistol matches around the southeast. For instance, assume it is King's Mountain in April. I'm in southeast Florida. I have no problem picking people up along the way and getting them back. If it's enough, we rent a van, split the gas, and share rooms. Keeps the cost down. And while on the road, there's plenty of time to get to know one another and talk about things. I've been doing this kind of thing for years.

    Concentrate on how to accomplish the task and not the roadblocks to it. It could be possible that this may be the first, really serious blow for liberty that you could land.


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