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Monday, December 24, 2012

Intolerable Acts II & Merry Christmas

The Stamp Act in 1765 and the Townsend Acts in 1767/68.

Boston Massacre in 1770.

The original Tea Party 1773.

Lexington & Concord 1775.

Declaration of Independence 1776.

Most of you are aware of those events in the timeline, and with many other events that I did not include, pre-dating the Stamp Act and through 1776 that led to When in the course of human events...

In 1992 America voted Bill Clinton into office.

1992 gave us Ruby Ridge. (Under Bush #41)

1993 gave us Waco.

1994 brought us the AWB.

History is repeating itself as you and I live it.  I believe Ruby Ridge, Waco and the AWB were responsible for a great Awakening of many Americans. 

In 1996, in response to the AWB and having freshly witnessed the willingness of the Marxists who had control of our FedGov to use the muzzles of FedGov weapons to slaughter Americans, we voted and for the first time in more than 40 years, we gave the House to the R's.

Only 10 years separated the Stamp Act and John Parker standing on the Green in Lexington.

Today we are about 20 years from those rapid-fire actions taken by our modern FedGov, and in that 20 years we have witnessed our own long train of abuses.  We have also witnessed the gutting of our economy, and most of us agree that our gutting is deliberate.  Patriotic Americans today do not suffer a King, our burden is Marx and his Useful Idiots.

Does it matter that we have waited longer than did John Parker?

I don't think so.  If one chooses to use gun sales since 1992 as an indicator of American sentiment regarding FedGov, one would be forced to conclude that our modern Countrymen are aware of the Beast among us, and have decided that at some point there must be a fight in America again, and once again the fight will be about Liberty

The struggle will boil down to those among us who demand our Liberties without infringement, and those among us who would be Masters.  There is a third party on our field of battle - the masses who stand and cry for continued pillaging and plundering of you and me.  That large group defines their politics by how much is given to them by Government, and nothing else.

We were warned by our Founders and Framers that this time would likely come, despite the work they did to repel the King and establish a system of governance based on personal Liberty.  They warned us to be vigilant.  They warned us about every single abuse we suffer today.

They warned us, knowing that this time would likely come again, to never let the Citizen be disarmed.

Comparing our modern SitRep to that of our Founders & Framers, then ObamaCare must be seen as an Intolerable Act.  It also means that we must be rapidly approaching our own Lexington, for the Enemies of Liberty may well be preparing to send forth among us their swarms to forcefully disarm us and, as with Hancock and Adams, begin arresting or killing the most prominent Patriots of our day.

TL and a few others are working to have another armed march to remind those who would be Masters that there remains a fight between the forces of Liberty and Tyranny.  The surrender of all Americans to absolute Tyranny will not be free.  Will Patriots follow through with a march?  Several have been suggested in recent years and met with dismal support.  If there is a march, will it devolve to our own Boston Massacre or Lexington Green?  More than a year separated Lexington and the DoI.  How much time will pass if this march happens and turns ugly?

Those who would be our Masters will never voluntarily relent in their pursuits.  Will they trigger violence by making the same mistake as did the British headed to Concord in search of the Armory, Hancock and Adams?  Will the final struggle between Liberty and Tyranny (at least in my lifetime) come as a result of modern Intolerable Acts, or as a byproduct of an imploded economy that is imminent?

These coming days that will, hopefully, find you safe, warm and among friends and family, should also be a time for you to quietly answer any serious lingering questions in your mind about the fight for Liberty and your place in this fight.  Also take the time to consider all the ways a Marxist may choose to hurt you or yours should you ever permit yourself to be disarmed.

Reflect upon the acts that had to be taken by our Founders and Framers to win the first time.  Reflect upon the vast sea of American blood that American Tyrants were willing to spill beginning in 1861.  Reflect upon the fact that this country is today filled with hundreds of millions of people who call for you to be imprisoned or murdered for demanding your Natural and Constitutional Rights.

If you want genuine Liberty in your lifetime, you are going to have to fight for it.  You are going to have no choice but to defend the ground beneath your feet.

History is repeating. Let us ensure the outcome is the same for Liberty as it was when our Founders and Framers faced this same fight.

Merry Christmas, Patriots.



  1. It is a time to look inward and find the resolve to face this challenge, if we fail to cary the mantle of freedom now, it will be forever lost, this is a legacy I will not leave to my children, Blessings to all the Patriots and Merry Christmas. I will Resist.
    Richard R Deaver III

  2. Merry Christmas K..........;)
    Resist III

  3. Excellent , that`s your best one yet. It`s on it`s way to people I know all over the world right now. Dr. Edwin Vierra , said that ( I know you are aware of this ) " The people will bear these abuse`s and persecution`s as long as they are bearable because the thought of revolution against an entrenched government , with all that it will entail is so horrendous ", it will take something big to push them over the edge. " The One " , who resides safely within the bubble of the whore media`s protection and cannot be questioned or criticized in any way , will be the spark to ignite the American tinderbox.

  4. "It is a time to look inward..."

    Thank you. Those are the perfect words to start off this particular thread on this particular day. I figure this may be the last peaceful Christmas on these shores for a while. I guess that'll be up to others, though, and I'll abide their choice. We'll see what we shall see. Thanks for the space K, and Merry Christmas to all.

  5. I don't know if a march would accomplish anything and I don't know if it's feasible within our community. I think those of us who understand what's happening have resolved to prepare for when that proverbial spark ignites.

    Regarding Lexington and Concord, I don't believe patriots would stand a chance on a traditional field of battle with the a supposed tyrannical enemy. Rather the most effective means would be classic Guerilla tactics. The criminal Govt. couldn't prevail against seriously ideologically motivated insurgents who were as ruthless as humanly possible. I'll leave what those tactics would be to your imagination but regardless, no direct co-ordinated action within the liberty movement would begin until more than a handful "Waco/Ruby Ridge" events took place in a very public way as an attempt to scare the patriots into submission. This if course would only heighten their resolve and accomplish the exact opposite results the Statists intended. Look for things to start to flare up this presidential term or if Barry, in a misguided, unlawful attempt to squash the 2nd, issues an illegal executive order. Were that to happen I believe the games would begin.


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