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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

When Pravda's propaganda is more truthful than America's...

...Houston, we have a problem.

From Pravda: Is there a Communist in every [American] closet? No, but the threat was a horrible reality in Russia as it is now in Amerika. Do they admit they are Communists? How naïve you are if you think they will openly say that word. Many do not even know that they are. They prefer to ridicule anyone who uses the word "Communist".

For those of you who believe that America will never again know Liberty without returning to a particular Christianity, read the above (linked) piece from Pravda, and this piece from LT Prepper.

I won't quibble about the flavors of Christianity or even the premise that religion is required for a return to Liberty, but I will affirm that without the better virtues of most religions returning to the hearts of Americans, the fight is already lost.  But so long as any single American holds in his heart the best of the values embodied in our Founding Documents, we still have a chance.


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