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Monday, December 17, 2012

Where does your SEIU guy live?

Do you remember when the SEIU bussed hundreds of protestors to the DC area home of the BofA General Counsel?

I know most of you have done at least some Opposition Research in your AO, should it ever be needed, just as you've mapped out where allies live, in case they ever need you at their backs.

Question: Does a website exist where Enemies of Liberty have been databased, including their employers, office titles, whatever foul things they do to injure the Constitution, home addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, et cetera?

I remember an offshore site did that related to American abortionists for a while.

Do you know if any such wide-ranging database exists now for Team Liberty?

Any lawyer who can weigh-in on whether or not such a simple database would earn a Stack?

Anyone who has a job with access to certain databases has an opportunity to do a LOT of work for Liberty.

Does anyone see any reason such a batabase should not be built and maintained publicly?

Our enemies already have us mapped and listed by order of priority, I'd bet my arse.



  1. Man, each Patriot should take it on themselves to find out where such people live in their area. It's a simple matter to follow them home. If you happen to have a name, go to a free site like zabasearch.com and look them up then take a drive to verify that you do have the correct address. No need for a phone number or email address unless you're planning on a dialogue, but why give them any warning?

  2. If you do develop such a thing, be sure and get email addresses and user handles (especially twitter and facebook) on various sites for them also. Find out what computers and electronic devices they own as well, including what sort of wireless router they have in their house, etc (people forget to change the SSID on these, so you might get lucky). Better still, if it's an open network, scan that shit and collect everything you can on their internal network architecture. These can prove useful in certain tactical situations even without open hostilities. A trusted advisor to the regime who has abruptly fallen out of trust due to electronics-related issues can really tangle things up on the other side if set up properly and suddenly. Also, get a fake facebook, twitter, google+, and pintrest account at the very least and follow the bastards.

    Finally, use google alerts to get email alerts on their activities online. Just have it sent to an email address you NEVER use at the house, preferably on a computer that is also never used at the house. Don't use it in any kind of pattern either and watch for cameras at the various places you go.


    Depending on what you do, you may be getting into stalker territory, so be smart or be careful, preferably both. I have several shitbirds, mostly relatives, that I currently watch through google alerts, hoping that the thieving bastards get caught someday. No luck so far, but it's amazing how many lies you catch when you know the truth about people and they don't know you know.

    I would stay the HELL away from any website claiming to offer this info in a "patriot-friendly" format. Zabasearch is probably ok, used with appropriate precautions. Hoof it and get it yourself. There are too many ways to track a man on the web, plus you can't verify the data. It would be easy to do counter-intel on that stuff. The site could be logging everything you do for future evidence, or if things are bad enough, to set up an ambush. Best not to have this stuff on the web. Put it in a truecrypt partition, and do it in a way that there is plausible deniability for the existence of said file. Use multiple hidden partitions, put the good stuff in one, but have a porn partition, which you will reveal when busted with a red face.

    There are other, nastier things you can get into beyond this, but this gets the data for those, at least. I don't want to bust anybody's balls on the opsec issue, but I do a lot of work in tracking people on the web (educational site, not breaching privacy or anything) and I can tell you that I've seen some stuff where I'd have to be extremely careful if I was doing anything illegal or even questionable. I basically wouldn't use my own computer or I would modify it heavily beforehand and afterwards for the task.

    The phone number and email address don't have to be for dialog. They are for the electronic equivalent of target painting. If you have those, and some site gets hacked that they go on, a lot of times the username/password pairs will get released publicly if you know where to look....Just sayin'. :-)


  3. This reminds me of the part in John Ross' "Unintended Consequences" where a hacker releases the names and home addresses of all BATF and Fed LEO's after the gov declares war on gun owners. Things got very interesting after that event.

  4. Serious question, who is willing to step up & watch over some young children should some Patriot(s) water the Tree of Liberty with the blood of Tyrants?

    Kinda gives the term "taking one for the team" a whole new perspective huh?

    A topic I know is going to be discussed at our next tribe gathering.


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