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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Wordpress going back up shortly

Here's link number one.

For my fans out on the islands.  I changed the domain, so I'll release it shortly.

Only 1,800 businesses or so.

Cost of a small magazine, full color for full effect: $cheapcheapcheap

Since only an idiot would send the filth spewed on particular websites and emails through the US Mail, it looks like I'll be heading to Key West myself to hand deliver them to the shopkeepers of the island.

There are 25000 or so residents, and I'm not walking that much.  But I think I'll hit the relevant neighborhoods.

I'm not sure when my trip will happen, but I intend to stop in and see a few III Patriots on the trip. 

For the defense of my Tribe, my life, my fortune, my sacred honor.

Here's just one link, announcing a new presence we've decided to put in place.

The second (original) site will probably be up as soon as DNS resolves.

Work-arounds, folks.  Be dynamic, or be dead.


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