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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

2A Analysis

The AWB is a bridge too far and the Left knows it.  Legislatively it is DOA in Congress.  From an EO perspective it would start a war.

They have decided to take the Mental Health route, as predicted here weeks ago.  They will expand the list of Prohibited Persons exponentially based on deliberately vague and ambiguous regulations under ObamaCare.  Doctors (a great many of whom are anti-2A) will be permitted to nullify 2A based on their own judgement.  The definition of "Metally Impaired" will be stretched even beyond the definition of General Welfare and Interstate Commerce.

It is obvious to my political eye that everything being kicked to Congress is essentially DOA.

However, do not miss the other pincer in this 2A attack - States are passing harsh and coordinated attacks on 2A in an effort to stretch the resources of 2A Lobbyists, forcing them to fight legal precedents redundantly.  And do not forget, the odds are high that at least one "conservative" judge from SCOTUS will be replaced this term.  Even at today's 5-4 Court, many of the provisions passed in NY might survive challenge as "reasonable".  Given an Obama 5-4 SCOTUS, every single provision in NY will be upheld as acceptable.

2A hardware will suffer very little when this current battle is over.  You probably won't even lose hi-caps.

But the pool of Prohibited Persons will grow by millions in months.  Those legal challenges will last years and cost many millions. 

If NRA and 2A advocates keep up the pressure, you'll keep your ARs pretty much as-is.

But if you slack off and give the Left and Establishment in Washington any breathing room, they will pass a new AWB.  So, don't quit.


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