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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Curious: At weekend rallies...

...did anyone who attended an armed weekend rally see a single case of LEO stopping people, demanding ID or carry permits (if required in your AO)?

How about LEO walking the crowds with cameras obviously documenting faces?  Any sign of riot gear?

This speaks to standing orders and the mindset of LEO and their bosses.



  1. None here and none reported by any others. But Tennessee isn't DC or California either. I think there was some LEO presence in the crowd as civilians.

    Still waiting to hear back from some other folks I speak with on this. But things were quiet.


  2. LEO presence in uniform (1 man) and unknown 'under cover' types. No cameras in faces, many cameras recording.

    LEO very friendly, nodding, smiling, hands clasped behind back. Engaging occassionally in chit-chat.

  3. None in Oklahoma. There were a few State Troopers on duty in the Capitol area, but they remained distant. I know of three LEO that were off-duty and in the crowd as supporters.


  4. Guns Across America - Augusta, Maine:

    roughly 150 showed at our meeting and the Augusta Chief and Deputy Chief of Police were helpful for set-up; they stated they understood why we were gathering and gave helpful instruction; there were at least 2 individuals who did not fit the crowd who walked the length of our sidewalk line then left; they engaged a number of us with intentional eye-to-eye contact, i think for future recall and perhaps searching their own memories; no uniforms present on foot and only a handful of drive-bys by either City or Capitol police squad cars...

    there is another for the same purpose scheduled for Feb 8 also in Augusta at the State House

  5. Large number of LEO patrolling in their vehicles. I saw at least 2 in the crowd that were not in uniform, although they did have their vests on under everything. (if yer gonna go undercover, at least wear a heavier jacket that your vest straps don't print through as badly as you weapon did, and your constant scanning of the crowd in your issue sunglasses made you look like me) I do not know all the LEO in the county, but I would bet there were a lot more called up than normal for this weekend. (as a close friend (and LEO) mentioned) With the evil gun owners having a show in one town, and the rally in the next, their presence was felt as well as noticed. No in your face cameras, I haven't gone through my video to see if anyone was attempting covert stuff. No arrests or harassment that I'd heard of on any of the sites, news, blog or otherwise. There were an awful lot of men and women with bulging jackets and shirts. The only disappointment was that no liberals we killed during the rally...and one can only hold out hope for the future.

  6. Nah, if you pay attention to the fact that when there is a large group of armed citizens assembled, LEO is very low key. Quite docile actually.

    However, if you're alone it's quite a different story.

    Surely there's something to be learned from this.

  7. I seen one State Patrolman in Minnesota and seemed to be listening to speakers and not to concerned with us. I have a few cop friends that have been panic buying their own AR-15s. You can smell it coming. We met with about 20 like minded thinkers after the rally and are starting to organize.

    Charlie Lima

  8. West Virginia,

    Two rallies, one at the Capitol in Charleston, one in Martinsburg. No overt LEO presence, no cameras (unless concealed) no riot armor. No confrontations.

    Reports of City,County and State off duty LEO in both crowds. May have been small undercover LEO action, but not noticeable. Both rallies considered successful by 2A advocates.

  9. Only two patrol cars passed us in Sarasota, Fl. in two hours. Probably much less frequently than usual for such a busy road. Nobody on the roofs of nearby tall buildings, no obvious undercover presence. The cops that drove by were apparently happy we were there, judging by their smiles, etc.


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