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Monday, January 14, 2013

Double-edged Swords

Now we will see who is made of what mettle.

When the spotlight shines, cockroaches scatter.  Look around - who is standing tall and firm, and who is scattering?  Who is attempting to destroy, and who is attempting to build?

We have seen the immediate up-side to having our ideas disseminated widely, thanks to a link on Drudge and columns by supportive media and bloggers.  Now the other side of the sword will begin to cut, as people who do not approve of your ideas counter-attack.  They will not let facts get in their way, as we have seen time and again. 

Make no mistake: Your ideals and ideas are the target of attacks.

Those who stand tall are the people you want at your shoulders when SHTF.  Everyone else?  You are better off without them.  Attacks are a service, for they reveal who you can trust, and who will flee at first contact.

More later.



  1. It was sadly easy to see that jwr did no research before posting his final say on the matter. Or even bothered to read that this topic has already been discussed repeatedly. For someone who makes his money posting other people's research, he sure was quick to jump on the scam bandwagon. I'm so tired of idiots.

    1. I was very disappointed to see his piece as well - he never once tried to contact me for input.

      But, it tells us much, yes? ;)

      Stand tall.


    2. He took all his info from MVB and did no research himself, that in itself says a lot about the man.

  2. Jealously is what it boils down to. Followers of the putrid Absolvist can't stand that their merry leader is not golem anymore

    1. Hi Rich!

      Jealousy is an ugly trait. The only thing dumber is to follow a jealous person blindly, and he has many of those people. ;)

      Stay safe.

  3. http://www.survivalblog.com/cgi-bin/mt5/mt-search.cgi?search=citadel&IncludeBlogs=2&limit=20

    someone got thrown under the bus

    1. Anon: Yep. But it says more about the thrower in this case. As he points out, there is absolutely no connection to any of his projects.

      And it reveals that Mr. Rawles doesn't bother to seek facts.

      So be it.

    2. The Citadel just hit Fox

    3. I taped the segment on Fox, I uploaded it at my place, yet I get the dumbass of the year award, my thumb was covering the mic.

      Bill Nye

  4. Poor Che, and Rawles for that matter. It seems that being upstaged gets their panties in a twist. C'est la vie...

  5. Kerodin,
    I've had people that I gave shelter,food and money to do the same thing when the Bank and I split the sheets. Left my wife, kids and I hanging in the wind. Your right, it's best to see the color of the stripe on their backs now. Time to harden your heart against the cock....roaches.
    Godspeed to you and yours.

  6. I have always had respect for Rawles, even tho he treads very close to the seed pimp category. Kinda sad that he spouted off without researching us.

    But whatever, I didn't ask for his advice either.


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