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Monday, January 14, 2013

Drowning in their own suck...

Did anyone else hear a little dog or two yapping?

Guess what!  Various Communists, White Supremacists, Sovereign Citizens tied to Christian Identity, Hitler-slobbering Born-Agains, failed carpenters and lawyers and assorted sickly Souls within the "Liberty Movement" don't like me. 

I rent space in their heads, free.  They devote hours of every single day - day after day and week after week - trying to find a chink in my armor.  They devote months of energy seething in their hatred of me as they can't get out of their true miseries - the lives they have created for themselves filled with suck.  Yapping little dogs that will never be able to climb out of their own filth.  If they ever had a trace of joy or goodness enter their lives, they'd strangle it with their putrid existence.

They don't like me.

I'm cool with that.  ;)

I am very proud to stand with the dozens and dozens of Patriots who have worked so hard over the last six months (and longer) to create this reality that is now truly national in scope.  It is because of the hard work of so many talented Patriots that a glimmer of an idea six months ago is now real.  Because of your hard work thousands of American families today have a new hope in their lives.


You did it.  You did the hard work.  You took the risks.  You devoted your talents and time.

You have opened the door for thousands who will now be able to follow and join you.

You are the Pioneers who blazed the trail, faced the challenges, and cleared the way for your fellow Patriots.  You are the Patriots who hacked an escape route out of the wilderness for your fellow Americans.  You are the Patriots who have made the Ark possible. 

There is more to do, to be certain.  But it is your effort that built this opportunity and have now made it explode on the national consciousness.  You have made it invulnerable.  You gave it life.

You have saved lives and provided for countless future families the opportunity to know Liberty.

I am proud to stand with you all.



  1. Since I self identify as Christian, White & take pride in my Faith, Culture & Heritage I'm the enemy? Really? Not the Communist, the Socialist, the Marxist...?

    Well, (if that's the case) then I have some bad news for you, without God- this Ark you're building is doomed before you lay the first brick.

    Turning away from Christ is exactly why this Nation is going to implode. Hastened along with false gods like "Diversity", "Feminism", "Miscegenation", "Pornography", "Addiction", "Homosexuality"...

    So let me ask you again just so I'm crystal clear, are the above listed false gods welcome at the Citadel?

    1. R:
      I chime in, not in defense of Sam, but instead, in defense of fellow CHRISTIAN Patriots such as myself. I seriously doubt that I am unique and the only one with a similar story.

      You'll notice that I identify myself as a CHRISTIAN Patriot (Christian 1st, foremost and always), then father, husband and Patriot. I agree with you that "without God-this Ark you're building is doomed". I also believe that the FOUNDATION of the "Ark" MUST be BUILT upon Biblical principles. However, as a Christian, I believe that it is my/our duty to lead the way and create the path for all who are willing to follow. As Christians we are instructed to spread the Gospel to ALL. It is then up to each individual, in accordance with the free will God has granted us, to either accept or reject Christ. All we can do is deliver the message.

      I am guilty of, at one time in the not too distant past, allowing myself to be sucked into the narrative that TPTB (i.e. evil, satanic people) have created which attempts to divide us along various lines (skin color, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, etc.) in order to further their agenda. I now realize, only through the Grace of God, that although I cannot and do not condone or support many of the sinful behaviors that have led to the creation of these various lines of division, it is still my responsibility as a Christian to lead the way and be a light unto the world.

      America is the last best hope for Liberty. If she falls, there is no one left to save us from Tyranny; Tyranny which will eliminate, at all costs, the freedom to follow Christ. The process of demonizing Christians as intolerant bigots has kicked into high gear as of late. Let us not fall for their tricks and give them yet more ammunition to use against us.

      As Benjamin Franklin stated so eloquently, "We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately"

      Alan S. Pedersen
      Fort Mill, SC

  2. R: Are you racist? If not, then you obviously are not an enemy.

    If you read the actual words I wrote you will see that I did not say anything about turning away from God. I wrote about turning my back on racists who hide within religion. There is a big difference.


  3. Mr. Kerodin,

    I wrote you an email the other day at Kerodin@Kerodin.com

    Is that a working email address? Just wanted to make sure since I didn't get a reply and didn't want to wonder whether it was valid or not. Can you let me know please?

    Thank you,


  4. Kerodin,

    Congrats to you and those who stand on [old] American Liberty & Freedom. You have no idea who I am, and you will probably never meet me as I cannot make the move to the Citidal, but I am so glad to see there will be a concentrate enclave to true freedom.
    In regards to the above comment, I suspect that--to a degree--those false gods (and perhaps others) would need to be welcomed in any truly free society. I am running the risk of getting way off track here; but wouldn't a liberty-loving homosexual but basically equivalent to any other person; so long as they did not try to elevate themselves above anyone else strictly become they were a homosexual? They need to realize, though, that others would be free to question and even condemn their behavior based on others personal religious and ethical views...
    For the record, BTW, I am an orthodox Christian who holds to a classical reformed view of the Scripture and in regard to the above hypothetical, I dissent with homosexual behavior in the extreme. Some other behaviors like abuse should not ever be tolerated--from either a secular true freedom or a religious perspective.
    Back to topic: though I cannot join you (and feel sadness because), I look to the west from my house and I see Freedom stand before the setting sun. My you all be blessed as you stand.
    A professor...

  5. Who is praying to the false God of feminism? Thats just crazy talk.

    Regardless of my views, I pray to God. Who is anyone to tell me or anyone else exactly how or who or what I should be praying to???!!

    Faith is a personal choice. An individual choice.

    Kerodin- Rock on.

  6. @Kerodin,
    Thank you for your reply. I have little doubt that over a cold beer you & I would come to understand that our differences are most likely few & are not irreconcilable.

    My point is that if the cancers that are destroying America are simply transplanted to the Citadel in time we will have a repeat. I want to avoid that.

    I do not equate Cultural, Ethnic pride with "racism" or "racist". If it is Ok for Asians, Hispanics, Blacks etc to have cultural pride then it most certainly is acceptable for Whites. In fact, a cultural identity is essential to maintaining a positive, flourishing culture.
    I see myself as a race realist. I accept diversity & recognize it. I do not claim to be superior to any man or any race. Again, I recognize our differences & our similarities.
    Do I have preferences? Of course. I prefer to drive a Toyota truck over a Chevy. I discriminate which fruit to buy when at the store. The same holds true be it objects, food, choices, or yes, even people of all races. It has nothing to do with skin color & more to do with "Content of Character". That was a good measure of judgement someone said...(MLK Jr)

    Lastly, a Society that has freedom of association with whomever they choose must also have Balance... in freedom FROM association.
    You may be an atheist like my wife, (I don't know) & choose not to associate with most Christians. Not a problem right? So answer this please, How come it's seen as negative for others to express preference for one's own kind (race) over another?

    Thanks & stay safe in the coming days.


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