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Friday, January 11, 2013

III Pride

The Redoubt project has been getting national media attention.  Everyone from Associated Press to BBC to radio to tv series offers are coming in, and even Colbert picked up on the project.
The Marxists are losing their minds over the concept, and as you can expect even the Establishment Right folks are getting their panties in a bunch.  But every spike in traffic due to these stories helps a few more Patriots find the projects.
We win.
There will be announcements in the near future about progress that will make you proud to be part of a patriotic community that gets work done and advances Liberty.  I know I am.


  1. Saw some typical "anonymous" posts. Two appeared negative (expected) and 1 appeared positive. None the less, I felt compelled to leave my remark on the Activists Blog to encourage anyone to simply visit our Patriot community to learn more. It would appear that one person did already and thanked me.

    Congrats Patriots for making it this far in under a year. Aside from the snarky undertone in the CC video and what you can learn from Hollywoood, is that any publicity is good publicity regardless whether it is good or bad. Yes we may get some negativity, but when don't we? Those that do not truly understand this mentality are happy slaves that have not yet met their own demise. I look at it like a person in sales. For every door I knock on if out of 20 doors I get one good customer, then I did a good job. So if out of X amount of views on that blog we get some new wholesome Patriots? Hell, I will gladly welcome the new friendships.

    In Liberty,

  2. The bit was a tad snarky but didn't strike me as overtly negative. They had some laughs but I didn't see an attack. Could have been much worse.


  3. This is how seeds grow:

    - You took the time to take action and share and open to others
    - A founder sang your praises, even to beginning doubters like the writer in the activist post review who sat on the initial info for awhile unsure of posting to a large reader base or the owners' reactions
    - Founder shows the colbert report
    - Writer is sure and proud (and feels silly), owners are thrilled and can't believe they hadn't heard of this cool thing sooner
    - More people have found it thru many venues
    - Critical mass

    I am glad my boyfriend had the guts to dream and do it and take my hand and show me too. Now it's my dream too.

    Thanks for your courage.

    Like the writer said, when you're on comedy you've truly made it. Yes, when don't we receive negativity? And unfortunately, there are a lot of armchair critics and trolls who post even on a liberty site like AP. Keep up the great work. Peace & Liberty

  4. You are part of a great movement. Just like the Blacks fleeing the firkin' south, people who Want To Be Left Alone are fleeing the Deep Blue states and making their stand in the American Redoubt. Each militia will implement their Program differently, but with a common goal. To be left alone! If you want to live in (what I call) a secure liberty "gated community" or near it, you are doing the Lord's Work. As people who know what they are saying, keep moving and fuggen 'im.

  5. Hey, congratulations! In case someone doesn't know, in this world publicity can't come any bigger than that.

    Once this crazy weapon/self-defense matter is settled, which won't take too long no matter what the numbskulls choose, you should be home free. Like literally.

  6. So, did Colbert submit his ap before or after his piece?

  7. "First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win." ~Mahatma Gandhi

  8. Congratulations! All the hard work is paying off.


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