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Sunday, January 27, 2013


Folks, we dropped off a load of 25+ packages Saturday, and will drop another 40+ tomorrow.  We'll drop the remaining 40+ Tuesday.

We've decided to drop everything in the mail we've got in the shop - so if you have multiple items and one is backordered, we'll be shipping everything that isn't backordered, then catch up when we get the rest in the shop.

As you know, both KA-BAR and Cold Steel discontinued several of our more popular blade selections over the holidays without telling us.

So, when you get a chance go to Condoroutdoor.com, ColdSteel.com, and KABAR.com, look at their selections, and see if there is anything you think we should add to III Gear.  You know I am a fan of the tanto point for combat blades, but Cold Steel is breaking my heart and dropping their San Mai III tantos and going for cheaper alternatives.

We also have an account at US Palm for body armor.  The only issue there is that I have to order 3 units at a time, and they aren't cheap.  So if you want body armor, let me know and we'll see if we can get an order together.  Here's their website: USPalm.com

I have an account at Maxpedition, but I'm not really ready to start stocking their gear just yet.

Patches: I've had to order more III shoulder patches and III minuteman patches.  I also ordered a batch of Molon Labe 1" x 4" patches for the back of your tactical caps, in the original Greek.  I'll let you know when they come in.

Shirts:  Hoodies are being printed.  (They must use unicorn ink).  The OD III shirts are promised to be here by Feb 2.  The Liberty Congress shirts are mostly all shipped now.

Any ideas for shirts?  I tend to go for understated - such as molon labe on the breast, or the III Arms logo on the breast with molon labe on the sleeve.  I also tend to go for OD - you never know when you need to blend into a shadow.  But if you want different colors, let me know.  As I mentioned elsewhere, send me designs if you think they'd make good shirts.  We'll find a way to get them printed up.

Leather: I have a design for a sheath that is outstanding for combat, my prototype works great.  The folks at CADD are in a position to help, as is one of our III Patriots in Colorado, so you'll start to see those at some point.

Canvas Gear: I mentioned before I like canvas for my packs.  We are going to try our hand at American made canvas and see what you think.  They'll be ready for review in a month or two.

Blades: Mos of you know I have a lot of experience with blades.  I have a serious fighting design I want someone to bring into reality.  I have had a few emails on the topic, so hopefully we'll have a prototype soon.  A good blade can attack from any attitude - whether a front strike, a block, a backfist, whatever. 

The reason I'm posting so much about III Gear is because so much interest in our ideals has been raised in recent months.  Every single person who flies a III patch of blade or shirt helps Brand us as good guys in the minds of the population.  So if you can think of anything we should add with III Brand on it, let me know - from shot glasses to lapel pins. We've already got guns covered.  ;)



  1. Neckties for the business guys, maybe silk type scarves for the business gals. We could always use them for other things at a later date.

    Mike M.

    1. Can you imagine the looks you'd get from your co-workers? I'll look into it.

      Maybe a kids version too - let's rile up the schools. ;)


  2. Large magnetized door & tailgate signs for cars and pickups for folks to study while sitting at stoplights.
    Maybe something with Parker and III Patriot on it?

  3. That is one smart lookin pistol.

  4. Auto license surrounds. Preferably with barbed wire incorporated into it.
    Miss Violet

  5. Would you stock those 1911 grips for purchase?


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