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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Patriots Entrepreneurs

From time to time I have thrown out opportunities for Patriots who want to make a few bucks.

Now I am going to do it again.

If you are a III Patriot and looking for a bit of side revenue that might even turn into a business for you, consider these opportunities below.

The III needs:

~ A first class real estate closer who is comfortable seeking out the whales and getting them closed.

~ A Patriot who can make leather sheaths for knives.  I have a simple design and I need someone who knows how to work leather to make a small batch.  I'll cover materials to get you started, you set your profit margin and leave enough room so IIIGear can still offer them at competitive prices.  We are not looking to be the cheapest guy in town - I want to build sheaths that are ready for the battlespace.

~ A Patriot who can make knives and axes to my specs.  I am not looking to build anything fancy - my designs can be plasma cut from plate steel, then ground down.  Handles can be paracord.  Basically if you can work a grinder and a belt sander, finish the steel and put on an edge, this may be for you.

~ I mentioned elsewhere that IIIGear is going to launch a line of canvas gear packs, so we are good there.

~ IIIGear is going to offer a select line of branded jewelry, we've got people lined up for that.

~ I have an email into the guy who supposedly has the Mosin prototype magazines.  If that pans out, I will be looking for someone to help there as well.  You'll need to have tack-welding skills and metal finishing skills.

~ Do you have a product (even if it is just in the hobby stage) that can benefit III Patriots when in the battlespace, or help with morale and cohesion?  Can you design killer artwork that we can print off on a run of shirts?  Do you know how to weave paracord bracelets?  Anything that a Patriot may find useful, if you are looking to turn it into a sideline business or a full-time gig, talk to me and we'll see how we can work together to get it done. 

~ You can bet your arse I will be talking to Bill and offering any help I can if he chooses to move forward with his seed/prep business, because the man is honest to a degree that is indisputable and he will be fair with whatever he offers.  I'm not looking to partner, but if I can help, even if it means showing up to help him fill bags or buckets, I'll be there.

I do not know when the world is going to implode.  I do know in my heart and gut that it will happen.

I intend to keep swinging all the way into the darkness, and to help as many of you as I am able to be ready when the darkness comes.  Even if you just have an idea that you think might help improve your life, if I can help, I will.  I don't have money to invest (everything I've got is in Citadel-related assets), but I can help with advice, I can help get the word out, and I can promise that this community of Bloggers will help as well.  Remember when I asked bloggers to speak up recently?  Those who spoke up are selfless people who will help you succeed simply because you are a fellow Patriot.

One final note: I simply do not have time to run another business.  For instance, if the Mosin magazines pan out I will be looking for someone in this community to work with who can assemble and ship to customers, handle the money, et cetera.  When I think of how many of you are Mosin shooters and the good that could be done by offering the magazines, I can't just let it sit.  But I'll need help.

So - leather guys, knife makers, zip me an email.



  1. Crazy O'l Uncle Joe B is going to be in VA tomorrow pushing his GC agenda. Be nice if those Pro Gun III who live in that area could show up to push back.

    Maybe you could let III know. Details @ this web page.


  2. Sam,

    Thanks! I am moving forward. I am working on the site again today, I am not an IT kind of guy and it's taking far too long. I have my seed vendor as well.

    Bill Nye

  3. I've got about 4-5 people already who say they would buy some Mosin 10-rounders, assuming the price is decent.

    Frank in Tx.

  4. Hey Sam, can I have your email address? I'd love to do some t-shirt/jacket/watchcap designs...

  5. Can I have your email address, K? I'd love to do some art for shirts/jackets/watchcaps/etc...

  6. Sam,
    I got a guy in mind regarding the leather. At some point I will be giving him my watch band design once I finish it. This sounds like a great adventure that him and I could possibly get into. Or at least he could. If you get a moment send me an email with the specifics.
    In Liberty,

  7. I'm interested. Should we email you if something sounds doable??

    1. Sure, zip me an email: Kerodin@Kerodin.com


  8. I'll buy from a custom leather worker. I detest stock knife sheaths.


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