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Friday, January 4, 2013

Political Prisoners

Let your brains skip a few steps ahead, please.

Whatever 2A infringements come, come.  Whatever enforcement comes, comes.

Whatever we do, we do.

And what do Patriots do about Americans who go down without dying and end up in custody?

F' 'em?  Let them endure for the political struggle?  Go get 'em? 

What about their families?

Think about it. 

By the way, if you are waiting for a big neon sign that says "It has started!" I would suggest you finally pay attention to Bill: It started a long time ago.  You're in it.  Right now.  Here.



  1. I think you are onto something. Ever notice how the opposition never seems to go away. Elizabeth Warren is a perfect example. She gets busted spouting off about Mao being her role model and now she is a Senator. They protect each other.

  2. About time for " The Sheeple of Amerika`s " testicle`s to drop.

  3. ...that is what K is saying...let's protect each other...
    Miss V


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