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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

White, “Christian” and Treasonous: Who Will They Kill?

I found this linked at WRSA.

You need to read it.  You need to understand who stands against you and Liberty.

You need to understand they hate you, they fear you, they want the Government to kill you.

This is a vile piece of propaganda.

Are you strong enough to ignore those who would rather see you dead than see you at Liberty?

Read the piece. 

Understand it. 

The Enemies of Liberty have no shame.  They will see you dead if they are able.

Here's the link.



  1. Thanks for the link. Damn, that's one of the sickest pieces I've read. These days, that's sayin' something.

    I doubt this guy will be showing up at anyone's door, though.

    1. I made sure to leave him a nice friendly comment on there. Seems like someone who is filled with white guilt and knows absolutely jack shit about racism.
      Josh R.

  2. Read it earlier today, but yes it speaks volumes about the type of animals we share our Nation with. Sick bastard.

    And no Jim, he won't be coming, but he will gladly pay for and cheer the thugs who do come. That makes him every bit as much an enemy and a target.

    1. I hear ya, Sandman...he and a hundred million others. You and I probably disagree about the "enemy and a target" part. Except for the link, that guy's not part of my world, nor yours I daresay, and neither are the others...until they are, of course.

      That's an argument for egoism, not naivete. Though I suppose that doesn't help my standing in your eyes! Hey, at least we perfectly agree what "reasonable gun control" looks like.

  3. The fact that the left calls themselves "liberals" is a joke. Liberal=Liberty, these people believe in the opposite. They are fascists pure and simple. While I may not share your ideas about moving to Idaho and creating a cidadel there, I think it is your God given right to live as you please. I hope you suceed.

  4. These are the people that give real Patriots a bad name. It's hard to compete with this kind of propaganda. Patriots take three steps forward and slide back one.
    Papa Mike

  5. syphlis induced insane rantings of a godless sociopath, take another bong load, handful of norcos and wash it down with your double latte organic chia espresso. Hit them first, twice as hard as you think they want to hit you.
    Richard R Deaver


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