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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

You are being probed...

Graybeard is spot-on.

What you are seeing in headlines is not their final offer.

They will take whatever they can get, but they will settle for much less.

Consider how relieved and thankful the broader gunner community will be when the only thing that passes is an expansion of the mental health prohibitions (to be determined under ObamaCare bureaucrats).  Boy, who cares if crazy people can't buy ARs?!  (Remember that this bunch considers any household making $250k a year to be "rich" - can you imagine what their definition of "Crazy People" will be?)

A very, very wide net is being cast right now, and the real game has not yet been revealed.

Here's the link to Graybeard's analysis.



  1. Thats right K...plays right into the "long as it ain't my guns" effete-ism found in a lot of "gun" folks.


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