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Monday, February 11, 2013


**UPDATE**  55six is back online.


-55six runs Liberty and Lead blog: http://libertyandlead.wordpress.com/

I just got an email from him that he's had issues getting into his blog last week while DoD was all over his SiteMeter, his email has been erratic, and now he is shut down.

At this moment he is good with no overt OpFor contact.

I'll post more when I know more.



  1. I am not sure if this applies here, however, it does sound suspect. Please do not allow them to provoke you into stepping off the porch until you feel you must. I have personally seen this lately, do not forget, mind games are their specialty. Grab a cold beverage and read this;

    http://www.canadafreepress.com/index.php/article/52923 (FYI, C&P into your browser window)

    Mind games folks, who ever wins that has won the chess game. I detest the SOB in LA but he is winning the mind game to the point no one (LAPD, State, FedGov, etc.) even knows what pieces they have on the board.

  2. As much as I want the citadel and all these other great things to happen. I fear we will never have peace. DoD, DHS, Fuck you.

  3. I was there earlier today so it just happened.


  4. Much thanks to Sam. I am OK. No black chopper or vans yet. I hope it's nothing and I will be able to laugh about it tomorrow. I contacted Brock, TL and Kenny as well. What's funny is I had just posted a comment at TL's place about them coming after PatBlogs soon and within 5 minutes I was locked out. My email HAS been accessed from another computer. DOD HAS been all over my site. If they are reading this, I am clean as a whistle, have NOTHING illegal in my home and engage in NO illegal activity. Please DO NOT SHOOT MY DOGS. -55six

    1. III to III.

      And I have the same standing position: Anyone ever wants to talk, just knock on the door. There is no need to shoot my dogs or scare my wife.

      Stay safe 55six.


  5. noob here... what stat counters you all using... i know off topic.. but awareness is key

    1. I use SiteMeter, StatCounter, and HiStats to keep track of hits and government goons.

      I've had visits from the Department of Justice, DoD, Dept. of Veterans Affairs, and Navy Network Information Center all in the last few days.

      Just had a visit from the "AT&T Chief Security Office."

      AT&T is my ISP. Who knows what's going on there? Maybe .gov asking them to shut my shit off?

      I kinda doubt it, as my readership and reach is miniscule, and I am harmless and loveable.

      So far no weird stuff has been going on here at my end, but I don't put anything past the bastards, though.

      I guess we shall see.

  6. Sam
    Wow, just got the package (you know what I'm talking about)way over the top, undeserved but much appreciated!

    Haven't gone anywhere Sam just reading and watching as the noose tightens.

    Really, Sam thank you!!!


  7. No way do we have til 2016. No effing way.

    Spending every last dime of my hard earned tax return on final preps.

    Go with God.

    Semper Fi in Mississippi

  8. I was contacted by WordPress. They state a link on my site caused the account to be locked down. I am still locked out. We will see what happens today. Maybe everything will be back to "normal" soon. Did not sleep much, but no stacks as far as I can tell :)

    I will keep you posted. -55six

  9. I have had DHS hitting me regular for the past week. Last month I had a whole mess of posts just disappear. Nothing from blogger, but - did have alerts that someone was trying to access my account.

    Opfor has gone active on their cyber front. I had a post on this from Doug Hagmann's site.

  10. libertyandlead.wordpress.com is no longer available.

    This blog has been archived or suspended for a violation of our Terms of Service.
    For more information and to contact us please read this support document.

  11. I first noticed the cybertactic of rerouting, stealing and reading of my emails by nefarious fuckers in 2000.
    To this day, I'm still not sure why it happend, but it
    was in the context of corporate scumbags(high up the food chain) rolling on the electronic communications of all employees.
    I'm sure the act has been refined numerous times since then.
    What caught my attention?
    It was taking routine emails(sent by me) to corporate and outside recipients far too long to be received; in some instances it took an average of one week.
    I confirmed this by establishing dummy Yahoo email accounts, and sending random, plain and official looking messages to those accounts.
    Fuck em', fuck em' all in the ear, preferably with an ice pick.


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