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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mo. House Bill Makes Proposing Gun Control Illegal

Item One: This is how you deal with people who would infringe your Natural Rights - in a polite manner.  A less polite manner would be an immediate beat-down and/or double-tap.  On the spot, at the moment of attempted infringement.  And no, waiting to file paperwork with LEO is not necessary when defending your Natural Rights.

Item Two: Anyone who doesn't see an imminent violent clash between Liberty and Enemies of Liberty is not paying attention, or not realistic.

Item Three: Win.

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  1. Personally, I like the double-tap idea. It eliminates any possibility of recidivism. :-)

    Alan S. Pedersen
    III Congressional Delegate, SC
    Fort Mill, SC

  2. I would like to up that to anyone proposing limiting or restricting any of the BoR should go first to jail and then to the gallows (mock trial optional).

    And for that I am called a RACIST... getting used to it :)


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