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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Texas proposes criminalizing Federal 2A Infringements

I mentioned there is significant interest from some folks in the great State of Texas to locate certain III assets along the Gulf Coast.  A significant number of you weighed-in.  You seem to like the idea, too.

Bob Owens is reporting that Texas is considering whether to join Wyoming in making it illegal for Feds to enforce anti-2A laws in the state.

I'm only one guy with an idea for another business in the 2A arena (not III Arms) and I also have a fondness for the idea of a small-scale Citadel in that part of Texas.  But I can say this: If Texas follows through and double-dawg-dares FedGov to stay out of Texas with anti-2A crap, I'll make it happen.  I'll make sure one of my businesses locates in the Gulf area and that we pursue a Citadel.

But none of that wishy-washy stuff as happened with airport scanners.

Do your Texan politicians have what it takes to do this and mean it?

Here's the link.



  1. Most do. Our Attorney General Greg Abbott is a bulldog.

    1. Abbott is actually a decent AG.

      He would make a solid Constitutionalist govenor. He would strengthen Texas more than dapper Rick could imagine.

  2. Wyoming wimped out. The cheese stands alone. Hope Texas has better results.

  3. bitter clinging texanFebruary 22, 2013 at 12:14 PM

    it wont get passed. Not because there is a lack of support for it among the populance OR the legislature, but because the Texas legislature only meets for a very short time every year and for that reason, hardly anything even gets discussed much less voted on other than your very basic budget type stuff


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