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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

There will be an American Reign of Terror...or absolute Slavery

The number of people new to this blog is significant.  I know many have surfed through my archives and the material at Kerodin.com, but given some of the questions in email that I receive, I know there are many who have not perused my old material, only cherry-picked.

So I will offer this one post to serve as a "State of the Kerodin Mindset" so new readers don't have to try to fit 3 years of writing into an analysis.  I will not go into depth on any single topic - the answers exist in my previous writings.

I am a Constitutionalist, and I believe the only true hope for Liberty is Restoration, a reset to an ...as ratified... state.  No, ...as ratified... does NOT mean black people return to slavery or that women revert to chattel status.  I can't be bothered to explain why that argument is dishonest, at best.

The Constitution (including the Bill of Rights) implemented in the spirit of the Declaration of Independence is the only realistic way for Liberty to survive in this world filled with Marxists.

For clarification: The Citadel is open to anyone who embraces Jefferson's Rightful Liberty.  One need not be a Constitutionalist to be accepted in the Citadel.

I am an ardent advocate of Jefferson's Rightful LibertyRightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. ~ Thomas Jefferson

I have been accused by many of my enemies of advocating child murder and wholesale genocide of anyone who is "Blue" in our modern American vernacular.  This is, of course, hoakum put forth by people who want to taint my message.  Here is my position, and you will find it repeated in dozens of my columns dating back for years: Marxists, Socialists, Liberals, Dems and Establishment Rs, and anyone who votes for them or supports them or facilitates their actions are all guilty of violating the Rights of Americans, using the Constitution as their "Legitimacy".

This is Treason.  These are attempts to overthrow the Constitution.

These people must be removed from the levers of power in America.  They may go home, shut up, and all is well.  They may leave the country, never to return.  If they persist in violating the Constitution, thus our Natural Rights, they will be given the option to be put on planes, ships, caravans or Nikes and sent across our borders - never to return.

If they fail to shut up, stand down, and leave, and they fail to stop attempting to violate the Natural Rights of Americans, the final option on the table is trial by their peers for Treason and for violating basic human rights.

Treason: Yes, voting for a politician who promises to violate the Constitution is most definitely waging war against the republic in an attempt to overthrow the Supreme Law of the Land.  If you can't see that, then I can't help you.

Traitors suck.  We give them the chance to cease and desist.  We give them the chance to walk away.  We give them the chance to get on the plane out of the country.  And if they refuse, trial by peers.

Trial by peers will not be an orderly and organized affair.  History tells us so.  It will more closely resemble mob justice.  That's just life.  I didn't make the rules, but I recognize them.  So any Enemy of Liberty who ends up in a shallow grave in their front yard, put there by a group of neighbors has only himself to blame.

The issues before us are black and white.  There is only gray if one chooses to obfuscate the reality.

Liberty or denial of Liberty.  That's it.  Nothing else is on the table.

Which side of the table is yours?

It is the Marxists and their allies who are pushing this conflict into reality, right now.

The Law of Unintended Consequences is a bitch.

P.S.: A Con-Con is an immediate act of war.  There will not be a single anti-Marxist in the room - it is a Coup.  It is war.



  1. As I wrote on Israel's blog, if a ConCon is ever called, we show up, armed. I'll see you there.

  2. Nice post. You know I agree with the sentiment, but that same ol' contradiction is gonna bite you in the ass again.

    The runner slides into home on a close play. "Out!" yells the umpire. The runner's in a rage..."Out? I was safe by a mile!" "No, you were out!" "You're nuts! I easily slid under the tag."

    "No, really...you were out. You can check the box scores tomorrow."

    So is Obamacare constitutional?

  3. K Klein..What contradition are you talking about? He sounds pretty clear and concise to me in his position.

    No Obamacare is not constitutional. Nor is about 90% of what the FEDGOV does all around.

  4. Sorry; it was a little inside. Yeah, Sam's got the principles right, clear and concise to boot. Technically I could say he has ALL the principles right, for Sam. But then, that would be true of anyone; nobody holds principles that they honestly judge as wrong. The closest they come is rationalizing them. We have public schools to teach kids exactly that.

    No, K's error is just a tiny one of fact, and it's a fact that hasn't even happened yet. He takes all these correct principles, understands that the principles only represent action--good action with good principles--and envisions that when the dust settles, there will be both Rule-of-Law and not-Rule-of-Law simultaneously.

    I don't need to know ANY details to know that this is false. Not what Sam's seeking---I happen to know that's strongly right, and he judges it as right in any case--I mean his imagination of what things should or will look like.

    It's trivial these days anyway. If there's ever been a time to focus short-term, this is it. Not a soul alive really knows what things will look like in a generation or two. Ultimately, it will look like whatever we choose to create and build. That's the huge principle Sam has very, very right.

    Hopefully that makes my first comment clearer; thanks for asking.


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