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Saturday, February 2, 2013


Did you notice the new Zoomie art above?


I'm thinking about using it as my next book cover - I wonder if Amazon will have a problem.

Thanks Zoomie!



  1. Sam,it seems Arch Angel products has 5 and 10 round mags at SHOT show however you must by their stock. Won't work on standard Mosin!I have not been a fan of theirs so far,pricey and to futristic However Nagant stock was ok.$25 mags don't sound bad,But can they deliver? I had a deal set up with a friend of a friend master gunsmith I wanted 10'' lopped off front ight remounted and barrel target crowned. Said sure $35 I was ready to roll.But excuses kept popping up. Do we a have a good III gunsmith out there who would be interested in such a project? and yes I know about 44's but I want a cut down 91/30. Someone really needs to make 10 rnd mag for standard Mosins!


    1. I can't get the guy who was looking for a partner to get back in touch at all. If he's selling stock he may have found the capital he needs to get the ball rolling.

      I'm not sure about III gunsmiths - I've had several contact me over the last few months - if they are watching, anyone want to work on China's Mosin?



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