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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What will follow the Storm...

Most people who read this blog have already resigned to the notion that a clash between Enemies of Liberty and men who mean to be Masters is imminent with Patriots who mean to live at Liberty, and our individual fights will mostly be Local, Local, Local, rather than large formations fighting across large geographic areas in concert.

It is springtime.  The Citadel project and the III Arms project are both advancing better than we would have dared to hope just 8-9 months ago when we first began talking about protecting ourselves and building Tribe.  Improvements to the beachhead begin soon, and people following Miller and III Arms know how smoothly that part of the overall project is moving.  Very soon we will begin to look beyond the beachhead and to our final bastion of safety for the coming storm.

What about after the storm?  I'm not talking about Secessionists versus Constitutionalists versus Anarchists - I'm talking about that base Human desire for payback.  Revenge for having been financially abused.  Payback upon those who caused your pain, with either malice in their hearts, or simple disregard for your circumstances.  Vengeance.

Mischa Wolf was probably one of the most brutal and effective SpyMasters in history, and he died in the comfort of his own bed in Berlin 17 years after the wall fell, without ever paying for the injuries he had inflicted upon his Countrymen during his life at STASI.  In the chaos after the wall fell, East German citizens (in that peculiar German fashion of order and control) raided the STASI offices and determined who the Bad People were.  Yet, there were no public hangings, no mob justice. 

Compare the fall of East Germany and the fate of Mischa Wolf with most such occasions in history, and we see a different trend.  The Reign of Terror is the more common example.  People tend to get even on a personal level, with the people who actually did them harm (neighbors, local bureaucrats, local LEO, etc) before the "Rule of Law" eventually kicks back into play.  By the time the "courts" get to the process of prosecutions, most of the Bad People are already decomposing, as a result of personal payback.

What of America once the halls of Government are laid open to the hackers and the people who get into the file rooms, and it becomes known just how debauched many of our Countrymen had become, just how severe the injustices had been.  Americans have a split personality in our past as to how we conduct ourselves in conflicts with our own Countrymen.

As you make preparations for the storm, I would recommend that you also be ready for the aftermath, which I suspect will be more Reign of Terror than Turn the Cheek.  In many ways the aftermath is likely to be more dangerous than the storm itself.



  1. Unfortunately, the coming conflict will, in many areas, devolve into utter and insane hell - something between the French Reign of Terror and Mad Max. Having written previosly on this subject, I offere the following excerpt from my thoughts -
    I absolutely agree: the bureaucracy will get cleaned out; and a lot of other scurvy turds and pompous A-holes will get taken down, as well. Some cheer at that thought, but this is a two-edged sword. Killing starts out as a needful thing, but can easily become a habit, and that is dangerous. The first few kills are the most difficult, the most tenuous. Subsequent kills, you will focus upon confidence and follow through, and then upon technique and speed. By the time you've killed 25 or 30 men at close quarters, you have reduced the challenge to the purely mechanical aspects, and the work is no longer "gruesome", its "invigorating".
    When killing becomes easy, any vendetta rises to a Capital offense, unless the man-become-killing-machine has outstanding discipline; so it won't just be the TSA dick and the tax collector who get reduced when TSHTF, it may also end up being *that guy on Craig's list who sold them that piece of crap 6 months ago*.
    Once this 'clan violence' mentality has momentum, it is very difficult to bring to a halt, and this is part of the danger for us. Men who do not have the discipline of soldiers will become confident in killing, and this is a dangerous pivot point for the future of our nation and for all Liberty, because decades or centuries of clan/regional vendetta warfare doesn't provide any more freedom than it does stability.
    God save us from what we may have to do amongst our own to bring the violence to a halt when the *Legitimate Conflict* is over, lest it devolve into such habituated violence and become a generational curse upon our nation.

    RTWT: http://thesilicongraybeard.blogspot.com/2013/01/you-are-being-probed.html?showComment=1357830782315#c6937431533228145970/

  2. "Vengeance."

    There's a reason the Lord left that to Himself. No, not because one has to be omniscient to know who deserves it...that part's only too easy.

    It's because it's not good FOR YOU. While we often must defend against assholes, just in order to live, it's still bad policy to let the actions of assholes determine how you'll spend the rest of YOUR life. You're here to live, not see him die.

    In formal math, it's 1 > 0 > -1. There's also the issue that very close inspection will reveal that the desire for vengeance is what caused the growth of the State in the first place. The theory is that it's not enough to stop the rapist; we gotta support him cradle to grave too. To teach him a lesson yet---how crazy is that?

    If thugs were open to lessons, they wouldn't be thugs.

    1. The Hatfields and McCoys. We had one of each when I went to military school in West Virginia and they would fight each time they saw each other. They did have to do it behind the Old Gym as everyone else did though. Back when the world was still sane.

  3. LT has it right. These things tend to get way out of control. So...I think maybe most should be afforded the opportunity to leave. With one suitcase...er...maybe..

  4. Funny you should preface your article with images from the "French Revolution". There's a difference between defending oneself and one's culture...and then there's being emotionally seduced into
    genocide by collectivists pulling the strings behind the curtain.

    This was definitely the case in what happened in France in the late 1800's culminating in the "Vendee Genocide" (which the French government has never acknowledged in any fashion -- too much 'invested'
    in their "glorious peoples revolution"...in this they're as bad as the Turks who don't acknoledge the "Armenian Genocide").

    For those that were taught that the "French Revolution" was something that was good, something that was moral and righteous, such people were lied to about the whole event.

    Ann Barnhardt helps to set the story straight
    through a very timely presentation that is linked courtesy of Western Rifle Shooters Association:

    Barnhardt: Le Vendee

    "This presentation covers the almost unknown war and genocide against the people of the Vendee region of France during the proto-Marxist French Revolution. This genocide by the atheist, godless, totalitarian French Revolutionaries against the
    Church killed 450,000 people, and has served as the tactical template for Marxist governments who have fomented statist schisms and then entered into
    open war against the Church over the last century, including the Soviets and Mexicans in the early 20th century, and the Red Chinese and Vietnamese, and Marxist Latin American regimes.

    The Marxist Obama regime is following that same template to a terrifying, yet in no way surprising, degree."

    Btw, the 2nd picture that shows French citizens marching with heads atop their pikes isn't even honest..the heads of Vendean infants were
    regularly carried thusly by the "Bleus"
    ("revolutionary army") or their German mercenaries.

    What the French "Revolutionary" government committed against their fellow Frenchmen and
    women rivals anything that either Hitler or Stalin or Mao were guilty of to say the least.

    We don't want or need to see this particular form
    of history relived on America's shores.

    Personal defence and defence of family is
    on thing, and is morally sound.

    "Vengence" is not..and for good reasons listed
    by other people here and elswhere. Do not cry
    to see it's face shown...the payback physically
    and spiritually is far more burdensome than one
    ever would wish to see let alone experince.

    Yours In Liberty!
    Northgunner III

  5. That it is our own Countrymen committing these acts against liberty is egregious. God will have little to do with the vengeance that will take place, and doing so may well prove a necessary cleansing for us.

  6. It's hard to believe RW..."Americans," they like to call themselves. But then, traitors lie by nature and what's the diff anyway? We can only do what we're going to do. They gotta decide what they're gonna do...and accept the consequences, of course.

    Impressive stuff, Northgunner; thanks.

  7. I am specifically warning against acts of vengeance, whether petty or grand, and what those who'se focus is Rightful Liberty' may have to do to curtail acts of vengeance, as hostilities wind down. Yes, I'm saying that we may have to reduce a few whom we fought along side, if they cannot let go of their blood lust when the time comes...

  8. I'm with LT here. Once a blood lust builds, it's not easily sated.
    The strongest foundation of liberty is the rule of law, not the rule of men. When the collapse comes, if we do not hold ourselves to law (ultimately G-d's law) then we would be no better than they are. We could attempt to find 100 reasons to justify it, but the commandment is "Thou shall not commit murder". If we devolve past G-d's law, we have become what we despise.


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