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Saturday, April 27, 2013

A few counter-intuitive tidbits

Most of the battles fought in the southern portion of the Revolutionary War had few, or no, British Army involved.  Most of those fights were Colonial Militia versus Tory Militia.

How many modern Tories live within 1 mile of your home?

You would think as you step onto a dojo mat the first time that you will have to work for months or longer to learn how to cripple or kill an enemy.  That is backwards.  Killing a man is the easy part.  Crippling him forever is easy.  Learning to handle his attack without hurting him requires a level of skill that takes years to evolve, and is the pinnacle of several arts.  Learning to handle the attack without breaking him up too badly is not a real concern of mine outside the dojo - when I am attacked I really don't care if he needs a cast or ends up with a permanent limp, bleeds out or forever loses the use of a limb.  Or dies.  If you attack, you get what you get.

One of the more evolved skills one learns as the years go by in a dojo is that you can "read" an enemy by his stance, his posture, the way he moves.  You can get a sense of how he'll feint, and how he'll drive his real attack, and what frightens him.  You can even deduce his primary art and if you pay attention, you can read several of the arts he has studied - all of that will help you be ready for what may be delivered, how and when.  The better you have learned, the easier and faster you can deduce how he will come at you.

Given the .gov response you witnessed with Dorner and Boston, if you think the Enemies of Liberty can be handled on their terms, you are already dead.  They want overwhelming force concentrated on a single point. (And who wouldn't?)

Sun Tzu has already popped into many of your heads: Attack where he is weak, avoid where he is strong.  The man who must defend everywhere can defend nowhere.

I started with Colonials and Tories, moved into dojo training, transitioned into how .gov is choosing to enforce his will, and finished with Sun Tzu, which is the key to tying up the entire essay in a neat little bow.

I hope you all were able to follow the stream of thought.  It is all connected.

You have a LOT of Tories that are your responsibility.

One final thought: How many of you have been knocked out by a trained fighter?  How about choked out?  I have on both counts.  When you get choked out you usually come back within 30 seconds, with a nice little headache.  When you get knocked out, everything in your body ceases to work at the same instant, and your fall is never graceful.  It is also more dangerous - your brain slammed into your braincase and turned off the lights.  If it was from a knee or a good roundhouse kick, concussion is likely.  The I am I awareness can take a while to kick in.

How does this tie in to the general essay?

If you get into this fight for Liberty, you will get your clock cleaned.  How you respond afterward will define you.



  1. They, Obozo and his goons, will NOT break my spirit or my will for freedom. That is the greatest power we have. There are many of us out here willing to get our "clocks cleaned." The question is, how many of us, and them, are going to have to die to restore freedom to this Country.

  2. ..."The question is, how many of us, and them, are going to have to die to restore freedom to this Country."...Answer in a nut shell? ALL OF THEM. We must NEVER stop until EVERY enemy of freedom is decimated and totally incapable of ever returning. Their ideals and processes must go too. Their support organizations MUST GO TOO.

  3. May start to fight for liberty but soon you will fight for survival and to win. The end result will be liberty.
    Papa Mike

  4. Submitted for those who say they believe a fight is inevitable, but deep in their hearts don't.

    Manhunt under way for home intruder who fatally stabbed 8-year-old Calif. girl


    An armed man is on the loose after police say he stabbed a 9-year-old girl inside her home in Valley Springs, Calif., on Saturday.

    Authorities were on the hunt Sunday for a crazed killer who broke into a rural northern California home and fatally stabbed an 8-year-old girl.

    Residents in Valley Springs, southeast of Sacramento, have been ordered to lock their doors while sheriff’s deputies canvass the community following the discovery of the victim around noon Saturday.

    “We were doing a house-to-house search and in some cases
    we are searching attics and storages,” Calaveras County Sheriff’s Capt. Jim Macedo said Saturday night. “It’s a difficult area to search. It’s rural, it’s remote.”

  5. In the end I feel as though I have no other choice but to get my clock thoroughly cleaned. I must either confront reality or be devoured. And what a reality we will be forced to confront...

    The world has been poisoned. The culture of this nation is cancerous. People don't love each other, and furthermore they don't properly love themselves. The virtues of yore have been forgotten. Modesty, integrity, strength of mind, body and spirit have been co-opted by love of money and the desire to satisfy ones petty vanity. The most pernicious manage to rise to the top, and in their wake honest men and women are left to suffer and die, simply to ensure that the sadistic proclivities of these usurpers can be fulfilled.

    It's a shit scenario. I suppose it always has been. Some malicious fuck will always worm his way into the system. Sociopaths are endemic it seems. I don't know how many will need to die in order to make it right. Perhaps I don't want to know.

    I hope to Christ, or whatever metaphysical entity that may hold sway over this universe, that there is a reckoning for these cretins, these blood dancers and sadists, these rapists and murderers. I hope there is a Tartarus for them. Bleak and unending, comprised of all the pain they have inflicted throughout their lifetimes, reversed and inflicted on them (Credit to Fallout: New Vegas for that image). I pray that they have dug their own graves and that they may lay in them, among the vermin and the mire.

    Horror must be reintroduced to the populace. For too long the barriers have remained, and separated us from the stark realization of the darker aspects of this world. We have been wooed by naive notions of the 'better angels of our nature.'

    People are not appalled, because they are not aware. They have not seen the corpses of the children killed overseas. They have not seen the killing fields filled to the brim at the hands of sociopaths and collectivists. They have not experienced the pain that has been brought upon a myriad of innocent men, women and children throughout this world at the behest of those who know nothing of humanity.

    Only when people have been forced to see the horror of this world can we hope to undo its vile effects. One cannot know pleasure without the presence of pain. One cannot know love if they have no concept of loss. In that moment, in that terrifying realization of the true nature of this existence, will people be motivated to bring an end to the insanity. They will be so thoroughly disgusted and horrified that they will wrathfully assail the forces that have poisoned this world so ignobly.

    Confront the common man with the truth and horror, and he will have no choice but to either capitulate in its face or rise up and utterly exterminate it. Let us pray that the latter will be achieved.

    My clock will be cleaned. I do not know if I'll survive. If I am to survive then I wish to make the world a better place. I wish to see the pain washed away, and the years of torture and madness undone. I can't save the world. No one can. And that is what I find maddening. How can one live happily knowing that somewhere something terrible is happening to someone completely undeserving? If I cannot make a positive impact, If I cannot improve this existence in some manner, even but a modicum, then I don't want to survive.

    To quote Apocalypse Now, once again:

    " In a war there are many moments for compassion and tender action. There are many moments for ruthless action - what is often called ruthless - what may in many circumstances be only clarity, seeing clearly what there is to be done and doing it, directly, quickly, awake, looking at it. "

    Let your actions be motivated by compassion, my friends. Let your words and movements be done in hopes of a better world and a better future. May you find that clarity that has eluded men for so long, that this world may be born anew, free of the wretched venom that has poisoned it for so long at the hands of the wicked.

    Non Omnis Moriar

    1. Amen brother...I hear where your coming from...To many takers in the world today and not enough givers...Its funny people would gain a whole lot more and have more happiness if they had more give and less take in their hearts...

  6. The man who must defend everywhere can defend nowhere.

    South Vietnam Spring 1975


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