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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

III Gun Org

Well, Blogger's poll glitched again.  We had 98% affirmative with 3 dissenters when the poll crashed, so I'll take that as a "yes".

What does "Hardcore" mean?

It means the courts are NOT where 2A Rights will be recovered.

It means the Legislature is NOT where 2A Rights exist.

It means the Executive is NOT the arbiter of our Rights.

...shall not be infringed... means EXACTLY what it f'n says.

I'll get to work on it.



  1. Only if it stands for TOTAL gun freedom, repeal of all federal gun laws, unconstitutional state laws... If I want a Howitzer on my front lawn, it is legal. If I want a full auto .50 swivel mounted on my deck railing, it is legal. NO compromise. Shall not be infringed...

  2. JPFO says "No Compromise"

    The group I envision means it - "Shall not be infringed - Period"

    Fuck NFA
    Fuck GCA
    Fuck AWB
    Fuck state bans

    Shall. Not. Be. Infringed.

    And we will not win our Rights back in the courts or through politicians.

    That's the kind of group, and the kind of people who will be welcome. "ANYONE" who "EVER" suggests "...well, that's a reasonable law..." is out, forever, and listed as an Enemy of Liberty.


  3. Kerodin, you know that's where I am. I am not waiting for the rest. I cajoled, talked, reasoned and now I am done. Whatever I do I do alone.

  4. i've stopped sending $$$ to any and all "gun rights" groups because of one thing: compromise... as is stated in the post, "... shall not be infringed..." means exactly that - nothing more, nothing less... my $$$ will be behind the group with such a stand and committment...

    Prepping Preacher

  5. Count me in.
    Lewis III

  6. Infringed this.....I'm in.
    Papa Mike


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