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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

III SitRep

III Congress: Up and running as a deliberative, political body

III Arms:  Up and running as a III Firearms venture

III Citadel:  Up and running as a bastion of Liberty

III Morale and Cohesion: Up and running, providing patches and gear to unify our Patriots

III Platform:  Articulated in a published book - needs to be updated

III Group: America 527 is up and running, facilitating many of our endeavors with political legitimacy

III Political Party: To begin in Idaho, an official III Political Party that will field candidates to serve until SHTF, and to be in a position of legitimate influence in the Aftermath

We have made a lot of tangible forward motion in the last 3 years.

Two additional III endeavors that I think must happen:

1) A III Gun Advocacy Group that puts the current 2A organizations to shame
2) A III Special Unit of Patriots who are ready to move and stand shoulder to shoulder at Liberty hotspots when needed.

More on these two in coming days.

1) I would appreciate first gut-reactions to the final 2 items: Would you participate in a III 2A organization that has zero tolerance for 2A infringements?

2) Would you be willing to take the step John Parker and his men took, kiss your loved ones on the cheek, and walk into the arena with the Beast, with no promise of returning home?  Would you walk with the 300 Spartans to our own Thermopylae for Liberty?  Let me know your gut reaction.

Please leave posturing and hyperbole at the door.  Serious answers only.

**UPDATE**  Many of you have written in email - that's fair.  If you'd prefer to write send to me at Kerodin@Kerodin.com



  1. I'm all in for number 1 it's a vital need. As for number 2, I'm too old and wore out to march, but, I'd drive to it and provide top cover, still got decent eyes, disciplined squeese, and plenty of attitude.

  2. I am in for number 1 as well. It's about time that we had a serious 2A organization and if money is what that takes I'd be glad to donate some. Maybe another non-profit would be good, or add to the III Group mission; I don't know.

    As far as number 2 goes, it's a much taller order. I'm not going to bluster about it as some might. While I am in decent shape I'm not in the shape it would take to run a prolonged operation out in the woods. The truth is that I might be better in the "auxiliary" as Mosby might call it.

    Those 300 are going to need some support from the sidelines with regard to logistics and intelligence. I've heard about a 10 to 1 ratio of support to trigger pullers in the current military and while I don't have the frame of reference to validate it, that number seems reasonable.

    Those of us who might be in decent shape but not good enough to run and gun would do well to consider this option. This doesn't always mean you are stuck making dinner for the troops, though that is a noble action. Think about pulling perimeter security on a raid - where you aren't that involved in the festivities but still need to be able to work your weapon if something comes up.

    I don't know, these are all just rambling thoughts I'm trying to put together. I've just recently come to terms with my level of fitness versus time left and I'm trying to figure out where I can make a contribution.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is that everyone out there has something they can give for the cause - while it might not have the "glamour" of running and gunning those people who *are* able to won't be able to perform their part without others who can feed them, house them, and tell them where to go next.

    There's no shame in being part of that effort.

  3. Yes on 1 and Yes on 2 if my family is in a safe place which at the moment there not in the best spot... I would definitely need some training though..:-)

  4. Yes and Yes

    -Byron in VA

  5. I am all in for Item #1.

    Item number 2 has too many variables for a direct answer. Are we talking a Rubie Ridge Operation where people are willing to fight or a Boston Operation where the populace would be against you from the start. I can not see expending all for those that would see you as the enemy, and would not only not support your actions but would put all of their effort into destroying you. Those that willingly give up Liberty for a little security can not tolerate someone who does not follow their logic process and will not give up their Liberty.


  6. For the two additional questions:
    1) YES, I will gladly take part in a real 2A group.
    2) no. It is with a heavy heart that I have to admit that I cannot, at this time, be one of the 300. I have to consider my family. I know what will happen to my son if I don't return home. I can deal with the issues from prison, but I can't deal with them from the grave. My wife and I have had many conversations and I know without a doubt that if I don't come home my son will be dropped off to be raised by other family members that don't share my beliefs (my wife is a recovering alcoholic and has admitted that she cannot handle being a single mother; while I would like to believe that the worst won't happen to Alex or my wife, I am not willing to take that chance just yet).
    The other part of my inability to be one of the few is that I am disabled. I have two bad knees and a bad back. I'm not a bad shot, but I can't move very fast for very long. It would turn a confrontation like we are discussing into a suicide mission for me (and knowing this in advance will prevent me from going). There are other ways I can serve Liberty, and there are other ways I can fight... just not in true combat like I envision coming in the not too distant future.

    My heart is in for the 300, but my body and mind are not right now. I will provide whatever support I can for those. Hell, I'm in Northeastern PA, it's a pit stop (or maybe a rally point) for those moving towards the northeast.

    Mark Roote, III

  7. I'm in for a yes to both...but I think you have bigger plans for my advertised set of skills.

    Should they no longer be needed for the auxiliary, I'll be happy to dust off the secondary set.

  8. I graduated from high school in '78, then spent a year screwing off (i.e. trying college, but really just bangin' loose chicks and drinking to excess). I then decided to join the Navy (following in Dad's footsteps), where I served from '79-'01 as an intel weenie. After that, I became a civilian intelligence officer for a couple of 3-letter agencies in the DC area, primarily serving overseas in various capacities. All my life I've lived for a dream of settling down somewhere in the mountains, away from people (who, for the most part, I dislike) and living out my days sitting on the porch wearing just torn underwear with a cup of coffee, shooting any deer that foolishly steps foot on my acreage.

    But, times "they are a changing." Over the past few years I became more and more disheartened with my government and disgusted with my (so-called)_fellow Americans. Too often .gov has trampled on my/our rights, and too often "Americans" (myself included, at the time) have allowed that to happen. It's only been over the last two years that the blinders have been removed from my eyes and I see the evil that runs rampant in our nation and purports itself to be "patriotic Americans."

    Patriot Act, CISPA, Obamacare, militarized police actions, Immigration "reform," gun control, homosecual agendas, ghoulish abortionists, etc., etc.

    I'm now 52 years old, and I resigned from .gov service late last year...submitting a truthful resignation letter stating to my 3-letter agency why I consider my government to no longer be representative of its people, nor a just or legal government; hence, my inability to continue serving such a bureaucracy/government. I'm sure I'm on DHS's list.

    I've put aside that dream of growing old on the porch of my log cabin in the mountains, just me and the dogs. I know I won't live to see those days, and I've come to terms with that.

    So, K, yes to #1 and HELL YES to #2.

    I'm old(ish) and out of shape, but if you let me come up and work my ass off at the beachhead this year, I'll be more than able to take the field in 4-6 months and put a hurt on enemies of liberty with my fellow patriots. I'll happily use all my skills from intel and military service to further our efforts. I've done logistics planning for specops missions, and supported several in the field, and I can shoot. Plus, I'm a devious bastard who believes the best way to win a fight with another guy is to shoot in the back of the head, or take a Louisville Slugger to the same spot with no warning. "Fair fight" is for 20-somethings who are young, dumb and full on cum.

  9. Question #2 involved serious dialog with inner self. This is where it gets real. I'm in, in whatever way I can be of service.
    Chuck Myhre

  10. Make the 300 to be 301, I'll walk with them.
    Papa Mike

  11. I agree with Chuck.
    I'll just be sure not to wear my hoodie that day though.
    I've been told I give off an air of trouble and unreasonableness when I wear it. (according to my ma)

  12. I have already decided that not to stand is to bow to tyranny.....
    ain't happenin'.
    I'm 57,have already had my share of good living.
    Time to stand now.


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