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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

III SitRep

III Citadel: After Brock's gig I will head west and begin site development. I am told by allies on the ground that the site and weather is ready to begin. We have an extraordinary Team running the Citadel on the Steering Committee.

III Citadel Special Note: As many of you know (the Steering Committee knows more details) the Citadel was bombarded with media interest after our Drudge mention, including more than 2 dozen production companies that want the Rights to film a documentary television series of our progress.  We will decide by the end of this week to whom we grant documentary Rights - if anyone.  It may be better for our community to keep the media out and control our message ourselves.

III Arms: Miller is working when his day job permits and you've seen some results and will see more in the near future.

AR Mags: I am going to leave the link up for 10-Packs of the Thermolds until I leave for Brock's place. The remainder will be shifted to Miller for use when he ships rifles. If you want/need mags, get 'em now.  If you plan to order a III Arms rifle or 1911, I suggest you get your order in soon.  Ruger is 2 years back-ordered - do NOT get caught in that kind of situation when you need a firearm. 

III Congress: We met and I am in the process of putting together a proper mailing list and rough draft of a founding resolution for delegates to get where they want.  We will update the III Political Platform and get it re-published as well.  We want Delegates from every state, and we prefer several delegates from each.  The Congress is going to play a significant role in coming III efforts.

III PSA:  We discussed a III PSA that we can produce and use online to help launch some of our efforts, draw some media attention, and make Marxist heads explode.  I am the first to tell you that I can sometimes go too far, so I ran my idea for a :30 second PSA by Alan Mullenax, and for those of you who have met him or talked to him, you will understand what it means when he told me to tone it down a bit.  ;)  This is another effort we in the Congress will work on together, so give me a bit of time.

III 2A:  I asked the other day if we should start a serious, no compromise III 2A organization based on the simple premise "...shall not be infringed..." and the overwhelming response was yes.  The proper place to construct this organization is through the Delegates of the Congress, which itself falls under the 527 (official IRS designation as a political advocacy group - good for us).  We'll get to it.

III Congress Delegates: I have ordered III Congress tabs for your uniforms/gear bags.  When they arrive, I'll be sending them to you.  Of course there is no charge.

III Politics: There are some people who believe that the III should not be a political entity.  Polls on my blog have repeatedly affirmed that the majority of my III readers think differently.  You folks always, overwhelmingly, vote for an active III presence.  To that end, some of us in the Citadel have been in touch with the Secretary of State of Idaho, and we will make Idaho the first state in which we become an official political party, on the ballot.  No, I do not think we will change "ANYTHING" by voting before implosion.  But after implosion is another matter - politics will ALWAYS be part of human society, and we need to be in a place to take point.

III 300:  Many of you have written privately, and some publicly, and this is a Go.  Please give me some time to work out the edges, then I'll ask you all to help define how it will work.  Think Leonidas - he marched with 300 Warriors and Patriots who knew they were never going home - but they marched to do a piece of work that had to be done.  Think John Parker.  He had no idea how things would go on Lexington Green - but he was ready to make whatever sacrifice he needed to make to protect his family behind him.  This will be a special III Unit - more detail when and where appropriate.

IIIGear: Most orders are up to date.  A few recent orders (the last week or so) are waiting for processing and Condor to deliver.  We have a few knives that still need to go out, and I have a backlog on ALC shirts and hoodies, but everything ordered has essentially been processed.  I will be shutting down several offerings from IIIGear very soon - knives probably, I haven't really decided yet.  The purpose of III Gear is morale, cohesion, and the ability to recognize III Patriots in the field.  Every event I attend, I am proud of how many III patches and stickers I see.  I'll update this topic when I decide where we are headed.  The simple truth is that IIIGear runs on zero profit margin (it is not a business) and it takes a LOT of time.

Personal/Professional: As you know all III Projects are currently volunteer efforts.  Not one person takes a salary from ANY III project.  Each and every III Project has a bank account and operating capital in it - III Arms, IIIGear, III Congress, III Citadel, etc.  But III Projects have taken over all of my time.  I spend at least 12 hours each day on III projects, before I devote any time to paying my family bills.

With the Citadel Beachhead coming online, my travel is going to increase exponentially.

As a few of you know, one of my businesses is offering exclusive RapeSafety training to private classes - primarily marketed to well-to-do women and their daughters, daughters who are a year or two from heading off to college. 

Holly and I have decided that given the realities of my life and the importance of III projects, I should shift my professional focus and return to teaching full time to pay our family bills.  I will dedicate a post to this either today or tomorrow, but we have agreed that I will create a core training program for CQB for the III Patriot who expects to meet the Enemies of Liberty in the field.  I will cull all of the extraneous and teach students how to prevail in sudden CQB when you can't immediately get your rifle, pistol or blade into play.  I'll teach you how to defeat his efforts, and to get your killing move in first.

There are plenty of very well-suited trainers for teaching you and your Team SUT, the art of the combat rifle, tracking, intel gathering, etc.  My skills and life experience include getting wet, at belt buckle range, and staying alive.  I'll make it affordable for individuals and Teams while earning enough to keep my modest bills paid, I'll work with certain militia Teams, certain private organizations, but I will not teach anyone who I consider ideologically unfit.

This will not be a "Martial Arts" course.  This will be a series of 5-9 core techniques designed to end a fight, right now.  We've decided to produce a DVD that will be given to each student/Team so you can continue to train and refine after I am gone.

I am not going to waste your time with stretches, with fancy moves that have no real world value, and I'll teach a set of finishing techniques that most "schools" will not teach, or will make you train for years to learn.  If your militia team scout suddenly and unexpectedly encounters an enemy, your man or woman needs to know how to kill the enemy, right now.  That will be my focus.

I have worked for many years to avoid returning to this profession, but it is time.



  1. All good work.

    Let me know about the CQB thing. I'm pretty sure I could get a group together down here in Florida for something like that.

    1. Thanks, Alan. Any idea what you'd consider a fair price for a 1 day course that teachs 5-9 kill techniques? (Not including travel)

      I'll have to teach a few ancillary techniques as well - like how to fall without breaking bones, that sort of thing, but I can teach a solid course in one good 8-12 hour day.

      I'm leaning toward a set price, and the group can be as many people as the group has, up to 20. (More than 20 and I wouldn';t be able to devote enough time per student) That way a large group can bring the price per student down.

      I'm going to build the course so that physical size, and to some degree physical condition, won't be a factor - I'll teach techniques the 85 pound gal can use as effectively as the 250 hard-body 25 year old guy. Even couch potatoes will be able to get it done.


  2. My 2 cents worth on the media:
    Stay away from it. It will be twisted and misunderstood. They've shown that time and time again.

    1. Agreed - they will make us out to be rebel demons no matter what we do. My instinct - since they will not leave us alone - is to be so in-their-face that their sad little brains explode.



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