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Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Our community scoffs at political activism, as a rule. 

Any blogger who mentions voting and calling congress is sneered at...

...no voting our way out, no use engaging, only move left is violence...

...yet the community sure is abuzz when the politics goes our way.

I still say the politics matters - even when it doesn't go our way.

Just sayin'.



  1. The opportunity for a good solution to our problems came and went a long time ago, and it isn't coming back, the math wont allow it. There are a few (unfortunately only a few) members of congress who will speak of the Constitution with something other than outright contempt, to get a few more in there between now and when the economy collapses wouldn't be such a bad thing.


  2. I guarantee, at the 5pm press conference, the photos released of prime suspects will be of the heavily bearded, tall and middle aged white man and a younger white guy with a possible female accomplice.
    It will not be of any "middle eastern" looking suspects.
    This has already been made clear by the pandering whore quislings of state propaganda pretending completely ignoring the photos of numerous possible suspsects.
    The white man, angry about losing
    2nd amendment gun rights is about to be implicated.


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