Enemies of Liberty are ruthless. To own your Liberty, you'd better come harder than your enemies..

Friday, April 12, 2013

Rightful Liberty is Unobtanium...not so much

Between you and Rightful Liberty stand a multitude of laws made by Man.

Defending those laws stand a multitude of armed Praetorian Guards who answer to the Enemies of Liberty.

If you mean to exist in a state of Rightful Liberty, you will become, by definition, a criminal, an enemy of the state.

If you dare reach for Liberty, if you dare set out to secure Liberty for yourself or the important people in your life, you must embrace the simple fact that you will break many serious laws of Man, and many Agents of the State will take great pride in denying your success...in killing you for the glory of the State

Most Enemies of Liberty would not hesitate to kill a kitten with a sack full of puppies if it increased their power.

You mean nothing to them.  Your death means nothing.  In many ways, your death provides the Enemies of Liberty with an opportunity to frighten others who might have otherwise considered your course.

Only the victor writes the History.

You can talk, bluster, huff and puff all you wish.  You can make any statement you wish about the peril that will befall Agents of Evil should they cross your path.  You can be a legend in your own mind.  Draw your lines of sand as you wish, and find reason after reason why they are not defended.

To secure Liberty you will have to break the most heavily guarded laws of the land.

You will be called a mental defective.  A bigot.  A terrorist.  A traitor.

Most of your Countrymen will call you an enemy.

Until you win.

If you can't embrace the Honor of being labeled a Traitor by Evil men and Useful Idiots, please be honest with yourself and with those who mean to go into Harm's Way to secure Rightful Liberty.  Stop blustering.  Stop issuing verbose and dire consequences that you will not enforce.  Voluntarily move yourself to the Auxiliary.  There is no dishonor in being honest with yourself and admitting that you do not have what it takes to be a man or woman taking point.  I respect you more, in fact, if you admit to yourself you better serve the goals of Restoration in a capacity other than direct confrontation.

A man must know his limitations.

Americans are preparing for war amongst one another.  That is a simple fact.  Many of your neighbors, probably even a majority of your neighbors, will serve the regime for one reason or another, they will identify the Resistance.  They will rat you out.  You can not simply ignore these people.  You can not simply hide your actions from discovery.  Organic intelligence systems are simple reality, and they are nearly impossible to beat for any length of time.  I have direct experience with such systems - they are brutally efficient. 

A very small number of Patriots is needed to do the Hard Things.  But a much larger number of Patriots must be ready to support them in a great many ways.  Food.  Water.  Shelter.  Safe Houses.  Intelligence.  Medical treatment.  Comm networks.  Re-supply.  The ways in which the men of direct action (and women) will need the auxiliary is nearly endless.

Some men will hang traitors from lampposts.  Other men must be able to supply the rope.  Other men must have the address of the traitor to be hung.

I was once hopeful that elections alone could avoid the coming conflict.  I admitted then it was a long shot.  I still maintain that voting will forever remain a vital, essential requirement for moral people to win this fight against the Enemies of Liberty, but it is only one facet that will contribute to victory.

Patriots, a small number, working in the shadows, must do Hard Things, with surgical precision.

If you are one of those Patriots, so be it.

If you are not, please admit it to yourself as soon as possible so your proper place can be determined.

300 modern III Patriots across America, supported by the proper auxiliary, can bring Rightful Liberty back to America.  300 modern III Patriots can excise the worst parasites and ignore Man's laws to apply Nature's laws, for God and Country.

Playtime is over.  The optics have been dismissed by the Enemies of Liberty across the globe.  One only needs to read the news to connect the dots.  Laws passed by Men that violate the letter and spirit of our Founding Ideals are an insult to every American. 

Only when Natural Laws are returned to their proper place, only when Constitutional restraints are again heeded by our politicians, only when the Treason of violating Natural Laws is met with true Justice, may we regain our moral compass as a republic, and our rightful place as the most moral and productive nation on Earth.  We know when men have rendered themselves obnoxious, and built defenses so the system can not be relied upon to set them right.  We know when it is up to us.

There is no place in America for human parasites.

300 modern III Patriots.

The number is symbolic.  300 Modern Patriots working across America in their respective AOs in small teams, or independently, these are the Patriots who will meet the Enemies of Liberty, and these are the Patriots who will turn public opinion to the cause of Liberty.

Bold Patriots.  Brave Patriots.  Men and women who will be known to history as heroes - if Liberty survives.

Is Liberty worth enough to you to be one of the 300?  Is Liberty enough for you to provide support and aid to our modern 300 III Patriots?

If you are well suited to the modern 300 III Patriots, you do not need "Leaders".  You do not need plans drawn up in back rooms.  You do not need permission.  You do not need orders.  There is no need for a written or verbal conspiracy.  There is no need for an elaborate network of agents of chains of command.

We are Americans.  We are freemen.  We do not need lessons in how to be free.

Liberty is encoded in our DNA.  Freedom is in our genes.  Securing our Birthright of Liberty manifests itself from our youngest years with questions of "why:" and declarations of "Fuck you."

We do not need a General Patton issuing orders.

We are citizen soldiers, entrusted by our Founders and our Creator with an innate understanding that permission to be free and at Liberty is within each of our Souls, and not from any other Man.

Modern 300 III Patriots have their standing orders:  In the absence of orders, go find something Evil and kill it.

We do not need anything else.  There will be more than 300 - eventually, after we prove that it can be done, that Evil can be challenged.

You are the men and women that will decide if Liberty lives, or dies.

We know what is Right and Wrong.

We know that Evil Men have corrupted our system of checks and balances, and it is up to us, our good Reason and our innate Restraint to set things Right.

Many of us will gather in the Citadel.  And we will remain in contact with those Patriots who choose to remain across the country.  And we will be at their shoulders when needed.

It is that simple.

Where will you be?

Think about it.



  1. I admit it, I am too old and have medical conditions that will prevent me from action unless they come to my door. I will however do my part in logistics. I will be here to help and supply as I can, until my death, those that fight for liberty.

    I have never posted as Anon before and always used my name and website however I just want those who can fight to know that there are those of us that are stocking up to supply them for what is to come. The majority of my income is going towards this effort. Please know that you will have friends when you need them!

    I am posting Anon to protect your stores for when they are required. Fifteen K rounds and counting, blankets, food, first aid, personal hygiene and more. It will be here when needed most. I am just one house and I will speculate that there are many more. Take what comfort you will from this.

    1. I'm in agreement with everything in this post. When it's my opportunity to supply it will be done. There's a handful like me here and we have already discussed this to meet the need of support. To the gentlemen at the tip of the spear we are here to aid and support you all any way we can, God Speed.

  2. There are many such as myself who have been quietly observing, absorbing and learning from the patriot blogs, as well as other sources of unfiltered, unbiased media. We will be part of the III%. Whether it be 30, 300 or 300,000 of us that rise when it is time. Personally, I will not only be part of the "300", I will make sure that others in my AO are part of the auxiliary. We will fight, we will supply and we will do whatever it takes to restore this once great nation. We may end up in Idaho, we may stay where we are for the entirety of the fight. I cannot answer that because no one knows the future. What I do know is; We will FIGHT and we plan to WIN.
    Molon Labe

  3. Same here. Putting out a call to arms for 300- in this day of full-blown government surveillance strikes me as an invitation to disaster. But I admit, I am only one man, one voice in the choir.

    That being said, I am taking what steps I can, including organizing a neighborhood group of like-minded, well-armed people. Most have weaps and training, some don't. But we all see the writing on the wall... and we all have families to protect. We're agreed that we'll be on our own, and will do whatever is necessary to protect our families.

    Going beyond this, I have accepted the fact that it is better for the conflict to happen *now,* on MY watch, while I am not too old to fight. If my death assures my children the opportunities to succeed, find love and happiness, and grow old as FREE Americans, then so be it.

    I've been on borrowed time for ~20 years, and I wondered why God did not take me those many times when he should have... It would seem I now have the answer.


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