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Friday, April 5, 2013

SitRep: Citadel, King's Mountain, IIIGear, etc.

Citadel: There is a LOT of activity beneath the waves regarding the Citadel.  It is April and the property is thawing out, and we are prepping to begin development.  It starts with power, well, septic, essential fencing and initial structure.  H and I have a few business items to square away before we close up the house and begin the trek.  You can expect a few minor changes to the Citadel website, and as you know we remain in a media blackout.  Interesting: Television production companies have even been approaching owners of adjacent properties seeking access.  I'm told the Citadel will be featured in an upcoming New Republic piece.  We'll probably break our media silence in the near future.

III Arms: Keep up with Miller & Co. here at the blog and here at his FB.  Patriots could not have found a better man to head up this sine qua non of III projects. 

III Congress @ King's Mountain: April 19th, I'll be there in the morning of the 19th by 10am and I will be leaving mid-day on Saturday the 20th.  Obviously we invite any Patriot who wishes to attend to join us.  Delegates will meet amongst ourselves for a bit and chart a path forward.  Delegates who can't attend should NOT sweat it!  Life is what it is, and if traveling is a burden, don't do it.  We will share details among Delegates afterward online, and we are exploring a III Congress event for the west coast/Rockies later this summer. 

IIIGear: CADD did a great job, as usual, engraving the latest batch of KA-BARs.  They have begun shipping to you, as well as a big shipment yesterday of patches, shirts, etc.  We'll have all IIIGear orders that remain open shipped before we trek west, then we'll resume from there.

There is a LOT happening in the Patriot community, as you all know.  It shows as our blogs slow down - it is because we are having to work offline and beneath the waves.  Swap ShopSeed.  III Arms.  Citadel.  Congress.  Networking.  And more.  The Patriots in this community are doers, producers, the kind of people who were once the majority of Americans, and who are leading from the front by example.  These are the people to emulate and hold up as examples for what Americans should be.


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