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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Land of the Parasite

One of the things that I appreciate most about our community is that so many people are able to articulate a point from a fresh angle.

Maj. Wolf points out that if we took all of the folks on Disability and put them in a state of their own, it would be the eighth largest in America.

That helps put the disability problem in perspective.  Consider a state of only those on food stamps - population 47 million.  They'd need Texas.  Better yet - Quebec.

But the answer to our problems is not finding a place in America for these people, or saving them in any way.  America simply will not survive when half the people in our borders are parasites, with another hundred million or more advocating for more parasitic behavior.

They all have to go.

Quebec.  Mexico.  Cuba.  Who cares? 

But they can't stay here.

Here's the link to Maj. Wolf's piece.

**UPDATE** 15.7% of Illinois residents are on food stamps.  Can you get your head around that, because it is challenging me.  15.7% of the population of a very capable state cannot or will not feed themselves.  Here's the link.



  1. How about to hell. Directly to hell. No pass/go. No $200.

  2. 15.7% of the population of a very capable state cannot or will not feed themselves.

    I believe that "will not" is the key for the vast majority.

  3. i live in a state in which some 25% of the population is on some form of .gov assistance... my profession puts me in contact primarily with those in that 25%... it's my personal observation that many cases fall into the "will not" category... the concensus being, "why should i _________ when someone else will"... again, my personal observation is that the attitude comes from 2 sources: 1) bad or non-existant parenting and 2) the ever-present influence through info bombardment by the state machinery from the earliest school years through post-grad...

    Prepping Preacher

  4. My Dad was drafted and served in the Army from 69-71. He came home and worked hard at a mill for nearly 33 yrs before it was shut down and he had to work hard at various other places for a couple of years until he got on disability. His lungs are horrible, and he requires a walker (on good days) to get around. Despite all his years of hard work and our Primary Doc and lung doc providing documentation, it still took damn near a year for his disability to be approved. Yet, as a nurse, I see low-life hood rat bastards who are just too damn fat/lazy/drugged up to work! There are a few in the system that truly are unable to work, but the majority that I see, are the leeches. Hell, we even had a damn illegal in our ICU a while back... Guess who was footing the bill?

  5. My child goes to a school in Los Angeles Unified School District in California. At least three times a month I get an automated call from the school district offering education on how to fill out the paperwork on how to receive food stamps, and meal tickets for my student, provided by the school district, and paid for by the great people of Los Angeles. Then, the recording repeats in Spanish. How freaking lazy can you be. We're handing them our country on a silver platter. It's about time we get some politicians who have some testicles. And know how to use them in the right way .


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